And here Laura, based in Edgware, north London, gives a sneak peek into her sinister world with some important words of wisdom:. That being said, any story taking place in an insane asylum generates some interest if only for atmosphere alone. An American writer and his wife have their idyllic vacation in the Austrian Alps ruined by his premonition of something terrible about to happen. Average spy thriller, but the final twist did surprise me. Arkadin”—both of which feature thrilling investigations into the lives of famous criminals. Unfortunately, not even the presence of Peter Lorre can save this utterly mediocre and generic crime effort.

Dorn shines as the one man who saves the day. Ah, the good old days when you could easily board a plane under an assumed name at the last minute and sit anywhere you liked. The first astronaut to venture beyond the Earth’s atmosphere is so overcome with awe and freefall euphoria that he refuses to return to the ground. Only the best free high quality p wallpapers you can find online! As for all those broadcasts, the first is easily the best because Ida Lupino and Agnes Moorehead give truly great performances—something that the script doesn’t deserve. An elevator plummets to the ground, trapping five men in the ensuing rubble. Otherwise, a small, twisty tale that’s worth a listen.

A good adaptation of the original story.

One of the few episodes where I can find no fault. Given that they couldn’t possibly cover the entire story in 30 minutes, it manages to be interesting and coherent. Van Heflin does an excellent job as the husband—a poorly cast actor here would have killed the whole production.

Screenshots of people on Reddit mentioning Rick. It really backs things up.

Despite the routine plotting, an oppressive work environment is certainly a relatable setting for most listeners and the central character Henry Wilson is quite fascinating—especially as his grip on reality slowly dwindles and he devolves into a raging planchhette.

Two men trapped for the winter at a pwrt research station in the Arctic Circle must contend against each other as well shoe the elements. If you’re hunting for ghosts, don’t be surprised if you actually see one: Women may have to register for the draft as federal judge in Texas declares the all-male military draft to But the thing is when you get the swearing, what I say to the guest is don’t be offended, as it’s the best thing that can happen.


A shorter, no-frills version, without them, is okay, too. Forget the contrived script, the highlight here is Richard Widmark’s well-modulated performance as the unhinged but calculating protagonist. Doctor Frankenstein creates life, but his friend, a cleric, insists that he destroy it.

Fairly routine but entertaining as well. A shipwreck lying in a fragile undersea gully hoards a fortune in gold—for anyone fool enough to try and retrieve it. A boxing manager accumulates so many gambling debts that he is forced to sign over his star boxer to his debt collector. A condemned murderer on his way to death row for killing his wife is granted a reprieve by fate when the train he is on derails and he escapes to find the man who framed him. Two versions were produced for Suspensethe first in with Gene Kelly and the second in with Dan Duryea.

Some Cold-War sermonizing doesn’t help. All in all, pretty routine. Good story, reasonably well done, but weakened by a change to the ending of the original story, which gave the story a new twist ending that unfortunately somewhat contradicts the rest of the story. Another excellent Robert A.

(X ZONE) Horror Show ~ Planchette Episode

Leader, possibly the series’ best director. This one took me completely by surprise. A man gets horrpr a roller coaster ride alive and ends up dead by strangulation.

This story has been adapted more times than I can count and this telling isn’t particularly pkanchette in relation to the others. Very similar to Woolrich’s other story “The White Rose Murders” but this one plays out much better due a central character that is convincingly placed at the center of danger and a mystery plot that actually keeps you guessing until the final revelation. Watch now on “UnMade”. The detective gathers all the suspects together, at which sho a blind man named Anton Rejak announces that he knows exactly what happened to her—he heard every sound—and proceeds to recount the events of the evening Alas, this particular episode continues that unfortunate trend with it’s typical BLUEBEARD plotting, but at least it tells its story well with a lively performance from Lilian Gish and a twist in the end that is fairly unpredictable.

Full Cast and Crew. An elevator plummets to the ground, trapping five men in the ensuing rubble. Where could she be? The plot—such as it is—offers nothing a hundred other hackneyed stories about cursed idols do.


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John Dickson Carr will answer that question in the most convoluted set-up imaginable. A movie director meets a detective who quibbles over the realism of the filmmaker’s crime films. Adventure Available for Listening Booth: A fiction based on the uprising lead by the Earl of Essex against Queen Elisabeth I, wherein they are tragic lovers whose affections are at odds with their pride and ambition.

Unfortunately, the manager learns that his boxer plans to get married and leave the country—something the manager can’t allow, because if the deal falls through with the debt collector he’s a dead man! A man makes an unfortunate bet with his step-father: Another version of this story also appeared on Escape. A woman must figure out how a crook is able to hide a fortune of money in plain sight.

X Zone Horror Show Planchette 2nd Part 720p Hd Video

The core of the narrative is undeniably gripping—a woman trapped against her will paart slowly being driven insane—but the inclusion of generic wartime espionage plotting and secret spy ring shenanigans diminish the psychological intensity of the central character’s captivity, replacing what should be a personal battle of minds between planchefte imprisoned and her captors with abstract nationalism.

One of the girls asks if they need to put their hands on the planchette. Wallpapers in x HD Resolution.

The ending remains a jaw-dropping surprise. The British consulate on Zanzibar is threatened by a German agent stirring up the natives of the mainland by posing pplanchette a powerful witch doctor.

Over episodes were broadcast between and As a result, the solution is anti-climatic as we could not have figured it out otherwise.

Mystery Drama Available for Listening Booth: You could make a claim for either. With a wild ending you’ll either love or hate. Not nearly as gripping today as it must have been in

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