My concern is that this series would fall the same fate as Game of Thrones. I enjoyed it immensely. Screw the prime directive! You’ve created a wonderful world, I love the rich background provided by Origins which sets up the varied events for the rest a shame Lucas didn’t do the same when he first wrote Star Wars. I have over the past few years been a StarGate, Torchwood, and many others junkie. I’m in love with Spinward Fringe too! Could not put it down One of the best I have read have. Mar 18, Red Haircrow rated it really liked it.

The typos are rare ie fewer than in some ebooks I’ve bought from traditional publishers , the character development is believable and interesting and the story gripping and pacey. This is a well put together, fast,well written story with well developed charictors. I quickly found myself getting very attached to the crew of the First Light and without saying anything that will reveal the ending for anyone who hasn’t read it, I’ll say I was VERY unhappy with the ending for MANY reasons! Randolph Lalonde currently writes full time from his home in northern Ontario, Canada. Lalonde incorporates many scifi staples and classics into his tale but manages to insert enough fresh ideas to make the entire universe his own. Stories come to an end, characters face their destinies, and the series changes forever. Aug 02, Anne-Marie rated it it was amazing.

This book and series fall into the ever changing “space opera” genre depicting large scale themes set in deep outer space.

Spinward Fringe: If A Spinward Fringe Movie Were Made, Who Would You Cast?

The book is listed in the front of a few of the Spinward Fringe books in advance so they don’t have to be revised later. This is not epic scifi, rather move futuristic adventure tale, relying on plot interest rather than deep metaphysical questions about modern day life and our relationship to science and technology etc.


Without your word spinwarv mouth and tendency to pay the price of admission, I’d still be working at a call centre writing on my breaks.

All in all this xpinward a good example of pure commercial fiction that works. Started work in with computers Brought up on Authur C. For more info on Spinward Fringe Broadcast 6: I really enjoyed reading it – I’d guess you probably will too.

Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0: Origins

Life’s tough, even in space and even in the future. Randolph, I hope you are burning the midnight oil Keep up the fabulous work!!!

Open Preview See a Problem? It was also to much like being fired out of a cannon rather than developed.

Keep writing and I will keep reading and donating. Though I must say I am confused and hope someone can help me It is the only book I am missing!

Great series starter, really wanted to play in this setting as an RPG as well, the characters, storyline and everything just sets the whole universe ripe for adventuring. Just finished reading 0 – 3 of the series. I still can’t believe that one of the most superior sci fi series that I have ever read was made available to me as a free amazon download. As I expected, the executives don’t visit the SyFy forums unless it’s a thread attached to an established television series, and even then it’s a very rare thing.

Reading these books has given me back the love for reading as I have found myself being fully immersed in the story line and thus having problems putting the books down. All the best, a new fan in Boston, MA. Fracture, takes a step away from the galactic political front and focuses on a more personal story, delving deeper into Ayan, Jake and how the rest of the crew are living aboard Triton.


This book is better than Star star Blazzers! I am still so caught up in the story and want to see fringee happens. Just want to say thank you for such a great spinnward Im very excited to continue the series. Lalonde your books are by far the best. I want so much of the Spinward Fringe tech to be real. They had characters with backgrounds and complexities that worked for me. Have I missed something? Share or Save This Page.

If you know anything about the true possibilities of space travel, you know that the vast distances of space look impossible to crack even in the midrange future. Spinward Fringe Broadcast 9: For News and Updates Randolph Lalonde currently writes full time fginge his home in northern Ontario, Canada. I haven’t read a true Sci-Fi novel since I was a teenager my dad had a lot of Heinlein around the house so I read a few of thosebut found Origins while doing a search of free books at Amazon for spiwnard Kindle.

The plot is movi, and the characters pull on my heartstrings. It was only the first step. Thanks for the ride. Thank you for writing such interesting themes, conflicts both large and small, and having diverse, prickly, interesting characters.

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