That was weird and didn’t gel with the character. For a debut book, it showed a great sense of maturity as a writer. Published May 1st by Avon Books first published Events since then had made him realise he’d been wrong. Billingham is witty and clever in his descriptions and in the dialogue he constructs but I am not sure if women characters would be his strongpoint. The games are tearing him apart mentally.

On the other hand I am still undecided about how I feel about Tom Thorne. While noting that many authors compile “thick dossiers” and “complex biographies” about their characters, noting every quirk and minor detail, Billingham shies away from such minutiae, calling it “limiting”—preferring instead to discover something anew about his own hero with each book, and to pass that novelty on to the reader:. There is practically no brain work in catching the killer. The novel is narrated from three main points of view: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. A promising start to this series and I was entertained enough to want to read more.


We are introduced to Detective Inspector Tom Thorne in the first book of the series, ‘s Sleepyhead. The best friend is a gay Mancunian pathologist called Hendricks – one of the best creations of the book overall. Maid Marian and her Merry Men saw Billingham cast as Gary, a dim-but-lovable guard in the employ of the Sheriff of Nottinghamcharged with keeping the peace or causing the violence in the village of Worksopand hunting down Maid Marian Kate Lonergan and her band of “freedom fighters”.

What he’s really after, he gets in Alison Willetts, Mark Billingham, Sleepyhead Avon, What is it about British mystery authors cranking out excellent first novels?

Just realized that a British TV drama was made of Sleepyhead i am looking forward to seeing it. The characters are not believable.

The day a character becomes predictable is the day a writer should think about moving on, because the reader certainly will.


A good read, but by no means the best Tom Thorne novel. Overall for the first in the series and his debut, it was a corker. When Thorne, helped by the neurologist looking after Alison, starts to realise what he is up against he knows the case is not going to be solved by normal methods – before he can find out who did it he has to understand why he’s doing it. You miss a clue; you stumble over something that should have been obvious; a piece of evidence is misplaced, ruined, forgotten, overlooked, etc.

She was the one who lived. I’m so pleased that I choose this book as it’s just my kind of read when it comes to detective novels.

A serial-killer mystery with a twist. Thorne’s internal continuity is important to his author—it is important that the events in his past affect who is in the present, although this very aspect of his character causes Billingham great difficulty in describing him without giving away plot twists.

Also what happened to me in that hotel room fed directly into a sub-plot in Scaredy Cat with some very nasty crimes carried out in hotel-rooms.

Jeremy Bishop whose amusement with Thorne’s growing infatuation with Anne reveals a particular sort of passive-aggressive sadismfuels Thorne’s rising suspicion of him with verbal jousts.

The synopsis sounded pretty amazing and I started the book with anticipation. He wants them like that, suspended between life and death, with only brain function and sensory input working; eternally bed-and-machine-bound. Sep 02, Lou rated it really liked it Shelves: During the course of Sleepyhead Thorne investigates a series of murders in which the victim is killed by somebody skilfully applying pressure to their arteries in order to cause a stroke. As for Alison – Mark Billingham does a superb job of bringing her character to life, despite the fact that she’s in a coma and can’t speak.


What it is most of all is a really, really good book.

Mark Billingham

I don’t plan to read any more in the series, unless they fit in with a challenge I’m completing. Detective Tom Thorne is a complex, multi-layered individual. For reasons I can’t explain this book couldn’t seem to hold my concentration for more than about 10 pages at a time, Especially for the first half of An original story line involving characters that I really liked that had dimensions to them rather than the card board personality cliche’s that some books have. Mark Billingham is a synopsls author and has created a brilliant detective in Tom Thorne.

Categories Fiction Non-fiction Children’s books Authors. The mental processes needed by the antagonist to do to these women what he does is just insane.

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Mmmm, I feel very torn with this review and I will tell you why. Personal tools Log in. For a debut to a series, it simply failed to intrigue me to continue on with it.

An interesting concept and the book plays out really well. The first chapter of each of Billingham’s Tom Thorne books can be downloaded from his website. He didn’t know the area well but it seemed amazingly calm and suburban, considering that Brixton was two minutes away.

That was weird and didn’t gel with the character. I tend to read quite fast yet despite really enjoying this book it seemed to take me an age to read. Powered by Create Ecommerce.

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