I mean come on. They are my sources of joy. OK, where was I. I am still watching! While Kyoko might have been oblivious in many areas, she had developed a remarkably keen antenna for Tsuruga’s temperment. November 23, Hurrayyyy! Oh sure, she had been complimented for her performances, and she had even been described by some as cute, beautiful, and sexy, but those were just her characters. Course, the InuYasha manga is decades better than the anime.

I have HYD to rewatch…. I really hope for a third season. I just like Jdrama better. Same goes for Dramas. I admit I was just picking on this sad little shoujo lameness of an anime. Did I mention I smell like about 20 different perfumes right now and its about to make me pass out? It might just be me, but I thought the whole Special A class thing was a bit too righteous. It makes me want to go to their college in Tokyo.

The first on is supposed to be released in December ; filming to start in Europe in May. I might watch it just to amuse myself though. I was staring at the english on the cover, and I was like duhhhh… This must have been released in America! I will watch all the sug up to the last 2 and then kill myself waiting for them. Oh sure, she had been complimented for her performances, and she had even been described by some as cute, beautiful, and sexy, but those were just her characters.

Ahhh its so nice there. Possibly my favorite holiday. I have 5 more episodes to watch.


Kyoko was totally unaware how radiantly beautiful her smile was at that moment. On a happier and less grumpy note: Basic plot summary by me: Seriously awesome anime, appearances are decieving. This time, I will be organized!


Some might call the plot random and scattered, but I like the unexpected element of each episode. I am still watching! Just In All Stories: This really excited the trend-watchers, episoxe led to several important overseas phone calls. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

As I mentioned previously. But at least the days have stopped getting shorter for a while.

Mmmmmmm what can I say other than it totally failed to capture my attention and I feel like I basically saw through the whole plot? She continued to live above the little restaurant, ride her bike to school and work, and call all of the veteran actors “sempai.

Takemoto looks so manly in the last episode, haha. I think they even made a TV show out of it there. Hagu still gets on my nerves a bit, but I like her. February 18, Yes my love of the past season, my multiple loves, have returned to my life! November 23, Hurrayyyy! And Kyoko is so perfectly kick-ass. It seems we have been nominated for Best Drama Series by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences,” he paused to let that sink in, “and Tsuruga-san has been nominated for Best Actor…” Kyoko had gotten episde by the first announcement, but she practically egnlish control at the second.


Yayyyy a bishi anime. I think that means they each made themselves an individual place.

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I love palm englisy but, now I am back. As long as someone subs it 0. This site uses cookies. So I think now would be a perfect time to start watching the anime, what with all this sudden extra watching-time I will have. Also thank you to those who posted favorite author and favorite story. But it was still something to look forward too.

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Emglish, yes, this turned out to be a disappointing adaption… the art was crappy and the pacing was a bit too slow. RNK makes me happy. OK, where was I. I basically just hibernate all winter. Sir, what brings you to the set today? How is that offensive at all? Almost any other teenaged actress, especially if she were a fledgling actress with less than two years under her belt, would have had her head turned by her sudden rise to stardom and her exploding fan-base, but not Kyoko.

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