In it, he shares about his recent soccer goal with the national team and fills us in on what has been going on. Smiling, Jae-hee tells him that she missed him and came just to see him for a minute. The phone call scene while she was crying was especially so heartbreaking for me. Sungjae dan Joy ikut kelas persiapan ujian tulis SIM. Habis gitu mereka dengerin lagunya Red Velvet, Sungjae enggak bisa nebak part nyanyinya Joy. Okay, need to get out of what this drama have done to me: Yah namanya juga cinta.

The Doc – an interesting character though completely underated and neglected Hyun Jae – his acting skills I have to say were top notch Alot of her lines on which she revealed She shuts down his idea to come for a quick visit, reminding him about his meet. October 8, at 6: Thanks to the cinematography, the settings, the soundtracks, and the eye candies, I can gather some will to continue watching, no matter how bad the story goes. Now I’m all into the “Taeminie, noona loves you”, so I’ll probably reach the Onew Condition pretty quickily. They just too cute together. Watch dating agency cyrano ep 6 eng Dating Agency Ost Part 4 mp3 download.

John Kim, a successful professional working adult, man of his intelligence, maturity, status and reputation, know very well that hot should not breathe Jae-hee’s well-kept dangerous secret to another person.

Was it Key or JungHyung? Yes, since this lady work from outside Genie High, if the rumor was to travel back to Genie High sinopsid take from Episode 10 all the way to Episode 15 for it to spread slowly but steadily.


To the Beautiful You: Episode 16 (Final) ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

So he doesn’t concern for people who live in Korea, who have to bear the consequences if the secret is let out. I really hope Minho will be in another drama, and Kim Woo-bin. Vietsub dating agency cyrano ep Jae-hee fights tears as she packs her things. Sungjae dikagetin sama Joy yang mendadak keluar dari kotak kado pas Sungjae baru setengah membuka tutupnya. Sungjae memberi petunjuk berupa foto bagian bawah wajahny a.

When Jae Hee visits Eun Gyul’s house she also plays with his dog, and at the end she’s also walking a dog. But the Korean version focused more on the main leads I admit, a comparison is difficult. Yah,now that you mention,the scene where she fainted was enough for the big reveal.

He’s serz the most adorkable leader ever! Even though there taejn moments of seriousness – it was the craziness of these ikemens that made this drama one of my favourites! You will receive a link to create a new password sinopdis email. Plus, It was rather too mushy that at some points I think taejoon is obviously treating JH as a girl. Nur Amie 09 July, So the poor guy did have a major crush on her.

Seriously, my dreams are filled with happy, smiling Eun-gyul sheep. Hi, the English subtitles already out on dailymotion.

He is more in the background and couldn’t figure why he’s the lead actor. It doesnt matter to me as Japanese choose to round up all in all the dorms boys stories beside the leading casts or even Korean whom chose to focus more onto bromance and love story. Does he not know that once this secret is exposed, this could land Jae-hee in serious consequences, being a girl in an all-boys school???


[eng] WGM – Taeun Ep 15

eipsode Kalo dua-duanya lulus hadiahnya Is there an extra seat on that training bus? This is pretty much the only version I watched completely. Karena baru pindah, dinding rumah mereka masih polos enggak ada foto-fotonya.

Both are amazing and no Hana Kimi without their funny and hillarious character. Vietsub dating agency cyrano ep 12; Cyrano dating agency ep 10 recap; Dating agency cyrano ep 13 dramabeans; Sinopsis dating agency cyrano ep.

Episodes by odilettante. Sungjae dari jauh aja ganteng palagi dari deket. I’ve said this before,but i wish they had givin a bit more backstory to tae joon’ injury and more solid reason for her comin all the way to genie high.

Pleassseee, there’s a 3: It was an emotional roller coaster. Terus pikiran saya mulai kemana-mana.

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