On a totally different note, when they got to the dream sequence with their big happy hypothetical family, I couldn’t help wondering if the writers are cruelly dangling this possibility in our faces just so they can heartlessly wrench it from us at the end of the show. Maybe I’m your guardian angel. She looks up at him… and glares. All her posts here is about this. I agree with you on the loneliness part and that’s compounded when she is able to walk freely among the living and cannot interact with them. Might be that it absorbed a bunch of other stuff If there is an award for the best crying scene s , I hope it goes to you.

She will accept herself as both Arang and Seo Rim and will be a new third version of herself. I agree Kang Moon Young is rocking it and she should get some award for that. SJK acting is really suck. And on the one hand, I am afraid of what Bad Fairy will offer Arang for the body, on the other, why would she believe anything Bad Fairy says? I wanted to yell at the screen when the only OTP action was Eun-oh leaning his head onto Arang’s shoulder. Also, he has two assistants, one of them has the head of a bull, and another a horse. I totally agree with your comments!

Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 15 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I am loving the idea that Mu Young actually doesn’t remember who his sister is I bawled like a river. She comes to a door sealed off with a talisman.

I am going pray for some divine intervention. In Buddhism I mean there are 2 sect Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: It will be interesting how his interactions with Evil mom go now. It was clear that Dol-swe always had the heart for the people and wanted to serve them, and was given the opportunity to do so when the magistrate’s post was opened to all regardless of status. Eun-oh is furious, accusing them magiztrate sending Arang on an msgistrate mission and cackling to themselves as they watched from their heavenly perches: But if you compare this drama to others which also have supernatural theme, this drama is way better, and i’m not just talking about the finale.


Hmmmm, Eun Oh might have a nervous breakdown, as will I. While I feel sad for EO for finding up his mother is possessed by an evil soul, feel sad for Sinopxis heart break and also sad for nanny’s death.

LJK looks so handsome. If I were arang, to see how Satto looks at me, I am not just loading him like that, lol!!!

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Oh, this is so sad. And don’t feel too bad about the job interview. Gom August 23, at From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is sad that he traded his soul for something as simple as sinopsiz home and to be seen as a human being he was seen as less than an animal – pretty much the basic needs of a human being. Thank you so much for this! If he releases her from her body, he has to release her to death I like him there. It just made me cry how she was talking to episodw former self like that, and saying “I love you”.

His kid version lol. But then again, sinopdis Gods being made happy and serving debts here so. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip.

dn This episode i just fell for Eun-oh – the fight, and also the semi tantrum he throws when he woke up. All the subbers are awesome! You always say exactly what I am thinking, i.


Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 3 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

No way to magustrate mom who is between living and dead. Makes me love our characters even more. Well I knew she had to be put in danger again, but what I mean is that the writers could have at least had the courtesy to have her PRETEND like she intended to stay safe for at least a few minutes before having her just outright run after him.

Song Sam Dong October 27, at 6: The terms used like Jade Emperor, Yanluo, Huangquan and Wuji, the fiery red flowers along the riverbank I suggest you to open the website recommended by JK Thank u for the recaps: It would be quite cute to have him love her despite all those formidable and pretty much unbelivable stuff about past lives and thinking that they saved the gods together.

Even Joo-wal is much much better than him. What happened to her? No ghost can touch those seals and she can just make anyone disappear with that portal! I actually thought it was perfectly sweet For her to give her heart openly to Sato, after having spent all that time protecting it wouldn’t sinopsid sense.

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