He and Emo have their final confrontation near Jackpile Uranium mine and Trinity Site, and opts not to stab Emo with the screwdriver, letting him kill Harley and Leroy. They spend lots of time together picking flowers and herbs, until she tells him that there will be people coming after him. Rocky is wounded, and dies on Bataan Death March; Tayo curses the rain and the flies. Auntie is angry that Tayo wants to join the army with Rocky instead of staying to help Josiah care for the ranch. Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko. Tayo goes into an abandoned uranium mine, thinking of the atomic bomb that caused so much destruction. When Rocky and Tayo enlisted, they threw coins off the bridge in Gallup.

Pa’caya’nyi introduces Ck’o’yo medicine, and the People forget their obligation to Nau’ts’ity’i. While Josiah did die during the war, his death occurred back on the Pueblo, not in the jungles of the Pacific. Once, when they were all drinking together at a bar, Tayo stabbed Emo with a broken bottle after Emo brought out his war trophy—the teeth of a Japanese officer that he’d killed. The novel switches to a story about a town that became so obsessed with doing magic that they stopped caring for their mother corn altar. In the Corn Mother story, the caterpillar gives Hummingbird and Fly tobacco. Tayo thinks back to when he visited Gallup with Robert, where homeless people from every ethnicity live under the bridges. The family relocated so her then-husband John Silko could assume a position in the Ketchikan legal services office. They have been drinking heavily and convince Tayo to drink too.

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Early the next year, Tayo decides that he has to go back to the ranch to tend the cattle, but ceremong he wants to go back to see Ts’eh. Tayo realizes that he must do something to restore the damage the war has done to the world.


Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts. The novel switches to a story about a town that became so obsessed with doing magic that they stopped caring for their cerfmony corn altar. Retrieved February 25, Tayo notices how cceremony the land is due to the drought, and remembers Uncle Josiah telling him how droughts happen when people forget their duty to the land they come from.

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The character fascinated Silko enough to remake the story with Tayo as the narrative’s protagonist. Tayo cuts the fence and is leading the cattle out when he is found by some of the man’s employees. Thinking of Rocky makes Tayo fall off the donkey and throw up. The storm clouds return and Corn Mother warns the people not to get distracted with magic anymore.

Read more from the Study Guide. The ceremony creates a fly. Retrieved from ” https: The papers from this early work are held at the Yale University library. Auntie believes a drought will come as punishment for Josiah sleeping with a Mexican.

They leave the ranch together and return to the house of Ts’eh, who has trapped Tayo’s cattle in the arroyo using a couple of branches and calmed his horse before they arrived.

As they sign up together, Rocky calls Tayo brother for the first time. Ketchikan was John Silko’s hometown. The man is her brother. While Josiah did die during the war, his death occurred back on the Pueblo, not in the jungles of the Pacific. Josiah fell in love with Night Swan and visited her often before the cattle took over his free time. The original text plus a wummary modern translation of every Shakespeare play.


Tayo, drunk and enraged, breaks a beer bottle on the table and stabs Emo in the stomach.

Introduction & Overview of Ceremony

Download this Lit Guide! His white doctors say he is suffering from “battle fatigue,” or what would today be called post-traumatic stress disorder. He meets Ts’eh, sleeps with her, cuts the fence and retrieves the cattle from the white rancher, meets the hunter, and brings the cattle home.

Taylor on his ceremony, trying to retrieve the spotted cattle.

View the Lesson Plans. Tayo heads off on foot, but Harley and Leroy soon see him and pick him up.

Ceremony | Introduction & Overview

When he wakes again, it is snowing. Along the way, he meets a woman named Ts’eh, whom he sleeps with and who gives him a warm place to sleep and a hot meal during a particularly trying time of his journey. Tayo meets Ts’eh, they pick flowers and herbs, Tayo gets a yellow bull to breed with his cattle, and Ts’eh warns him that “they” will be coming for him at the end of the summer.

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