Ghuman also waits for the blast. Yas gives colors to Ghuman. Ghuman helps Kusum in making the bedroom beautiful. He enters the room and Kusum thinks its Danny. Ghuman says why would you do that, what will you get. However, you can change your cookie settings at any time. Vidyachatur asks did you both not come together. Everyone tease Saras and asks Saras to say it perfectly.

Kumud pays him and asks him to distribute sweets to the kids. Its morning, Saras comes to Danny while Danny is praying. Kusum says I came in this house only for you. Ghuman says they went together? He says I want people to clap in your first presentation. Yash shows some flowers and says this is not done without any flowers and chocolates and also not on your knees. Saras comes to the office and says Danny is the head of this project.

Danny comes in and leaves seeing Saras. Saras comes to the office and says Danny is the head of this project. Kumud tells Saras that she has forgot her phone. Saras says he was reacting strangely, he was not focussing in the conference, he was not happy.

Danny looks at Saras giving the presentation. Danny says I m married, I will do the puja with my wife.


Saraswatichandra 7th March Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

match Danny says I m not fine, he swraswatichandra and hugs her. She says I m also hurt by whatever happened today, I was praying everything becomes fine. Saras applies Holi to Vidyachatur. Kumud says I could not make you lose today but I will make love win.

He wishes them happy holi and asks where are Saras and Danny. Kusum says I m not feeling well, I will rest and be fine. Everyone tease Saras and asks Saras to say it perfectly.

Danny goes to bring. He goes to Kusum and holds her hand.

Danny cares for him and ties a hanky. Danny says Saras can propose only you, say yes. Saras moves towards Kumud to apply Holi. Saras comes and greets everyone. Danny says I m with you. Saras says I will go to hospital, you go to factory. He says your smile 0214 more beautiful than you. Ghuman agrees and smiles seeing the pics.

Saras says listen to me Danny. Ghuman says your plan was successful. On Mar 5, Kumud says why Maa, Kusum went from here, you brought her back, how can you fall so low. Kabir comes and says happy holi everyone. She says what did I do, I do mistakes always, I have hurt Danny. Kumud calls him or breakfast. Saras 201 him but Danny does not pick his call too.


Danny says I m hurt by your words.

Danny gets her call and throws the phone. Danny says Saras wants me to make my identity. Danny looks at them and is shocked. Saras says dad I have to go to factory, I will come eoisode meet you later. Danny also comes and greets everyone smiling. I thought you forgot your past, but I was wrong, Saras is your love.

Saraswatichandra: 5th May; Saras And Kumud Reach London

Danny says why are you saying all this, beat me. Ghuman says you, Saras and Kusum have complicated Danny. Ghuman smiles and says two shots with one move.

Kusum asks Kumud not to say yes so soon. He is being shifted to wellness centre.

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