Tensions rise again between Galia and Ann and Bill, while Diane and Max from Ombersley feel stabbed in the back – especially by Ann and Bill’s feedback – and are looking for some answers. The owners come together for the last time to settle some scores and discover how much they’ve been paid, before the winner is revealed. The hosts give their guests a crash course in belly dancing and a feast of Lebanese delicacies. Unfortunately John and Sue Blakemore are left cold by their ‘corporate and impersonal’ room. But talk of the serious business of star ratings creates a tension that continues at breakfast. However, not everyone feels up to it, so Peter, Jon and Julia head off to a local craft centre to make mosaics. At breakfast time, Jan and William go into meltdown in the kitchen. And some of Robin’s petty marks over the week are thrown to the group for discussion.

Nick proves his naked ambition with a life drawing class for his guests, leaving Angie in fits of nervous giggles. Gill and Peter from the Victory bristle at the negative feedback and two underpayments. When the guests see their bedrooms, Ruth from Crake Trees Manor is perturbed to discover she’s been given a four poster bed, while Teresa and Clive from the Butterfly Guest House are shocked to discover dust behind the bath taps. In Oxfordshire, hosts Andrew and Jeanette Collette’s rural retreat is a bit too peaceful for some of their louder guests. The hosts take their guests cosmic bowling and throw a surprise karaoke in the evening, which proves a big hit. At breakfast some of the guests struggle with the small breakfast room, but the food itself goes down quite well.

Who will it be? An afternoon of falconry and a seven-course taster menu impress the guests at Anthony and Peta Lloyd’s accomodation in Oxfordshire. Over dinner the cracks between the Homecliffe boys and Tim and Amelia really begin to show.

Stephen takes his guests to his own restaurant for an evening meal. But that’s nothing compared to Sam and Ian Sugden’s reaction to what they find lurking beneath their bed.

Unfortunately some of the guests are not quite ready for glamorous camping – or a night in a tent as some people call it. The group don their glad rags for a posh dinner at one of Scotland’s finest restaurants, although some feel their portions aren’t nearly big enough.


Things don’t get much better during the room inspection, as guests find dust, curly hair, unspecified dirt, stains and a hole in the wall. But not all the guests, like Ruth and Margaret Dugdall, can figure out what the high tech offerings are, and traditionalists Gordon and Sandra McCallum are more concerned by cobwebs and dust.

Next morning at breakfast, retired teachers Ed and Jane Mitchell are heard openly criticising the haddock.

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And waatch heated exchange about cleaning leads to tears. Will a night of fine dining, restful slumber and posh breakfast win Richard and Kelly the prize? But Trish and Tom Brock Morgan struggle to detect that five-star feel in their 4s09. Over dinner, talk turns to Stephen’s place and jaws drop when he reveals the amount of cash he has invested in it. Lisanne is l’amour with all things French, and as soon as the guests check in they’re taken on a traditional truffle hunt.

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Discovery Star Wars: Their rooms are contemporary, and despite some eagle-eyed scrutiny, everyone is impressed.

At breakfast time, Jan and William go into meltdown in the kitchen. With rain stopping play outside, Julie decides on some old fashioned parlour games – so ojline fiercely fought session of hide and seek ensues.

Dave opts for a BBQ dinner – despite the freezing weather. But not everyone’s room is up to scratch. Then go to this link and you’ll see the local listings for Rookie Blue.

Unhappy with her room due to the road noise, she asks to be moved. The final visit in this competition is to The Fieldhead Hotel in Cornwall where owners Julian and Gill Peck pride themselves on their attention to detail and ‘five star service’.

Season 4 Trivia [none added]. In the morning, Julie’s forced to cook the dreaded poached eggs, and, as she panics, some of the guests think that she’s too apologetic. The day starts with the news that Kath has split from her partner, Mark, and after she makes an early departure from roo,ie, Kath’s breakfast efforts are considered too little, too late.


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While breakfast is a bit hit a suspicious stain in the loo proves controversial. Gordon takes the group harness racing, and horse-fearing Ed worries about getting poo on his face, and then later discovers a snake in his bed. The third visit of the week is to the pub in Bolton run by Phil and Angie Sutcliffe.

At dinner, it’s far from sing songs around the camp fire as Julian raises some objections about the in-room marketing material, provoking tension at the table and tempers from the hosts. On arrival, his guests are blown away by the views, and fellow Isle of Man residents John and Fiona Anderson lap up the his and hers bath.

To find out for sure if your local ABC station will air Rookie Blue or pre-empt for pre-season football,please go to this page,enter your zip code,then select your provider.

Mike and Amanda Daly, however, uncover a stain on their mattress and summon Mary, whose rapid response impresses. Mark confesses he has never had such a surreal time, and even Alistair gets into the groove.

Petra Yael Grobglas is on the outs with Jane and Rafael after the Luisa fiasco so she tries to figure out a way to get back into their good graces. In the hotelier’s final breakfast send off, one-woman team Annette makes hosting look easy, as she cooks and serves all the breakfasts herself with fresh local produce.

The hosts meet for one last time to find onnline what they’ve been paid and to thrash out their differences. Julia Grant’s level of cleanliness rooie host at The Queens Hotel in Benidorm doesn’t impress the guests, but their stay ends on a high note after everyone participates in the nightly drag revue.

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