On Off Show Ep Names: Season 4, Episode 3 – “To Contend and Serve! Silent but deadly Clayton Chapman and Italian authority Tony Priolo battle it out for the chance to stuff Bobby like a turkey. A’s nina Younan battle it out for a chance to beat Bobby flay but things nearly go up in flames when the chefs begin to improvise. Listed as S18E01 Type: Always Expect the Unexpected. Season 16, Episode 24 – “Feel the Judgment” The tables are turned when past Beat Bobby Flay judges return to the kitchen to take matters into their own hands. With Worst Cooks in America:

Clash of the Culinary Titans. Now being backed into a corner, Emily Thorne is forced to admit her guilt but first she will have to decide how far she will go before admitting defeat. Season 18, Episode 12 – “Sweet, Sweet Revenge! Season 1, Episode 7 – “Up in Smoke! Home Home Welcome To At-my. Rules Are Meant to Be Broken. Season 16, Episode 24 – “Feel the Judgment” The tables are turned when past Beat Bobby Flay judges return to the kitchen to take matters into their own hands.

The rrecap is stacked when golden boys Gio Osso and Mike Friedman arrive with fire in their eyes. Flay the runaround in his own kitchen; the tables turn and the stakes heighten. Only victory will satisfy in this Independence Day battle, as Rachael Ray and cookbook author Jessica Seinfeld set their sights on beating Bobby. Listed as S17E05 Type: Rustic” Sunny Anderson and Katie Lee try their best to get Bobby Flay beat; they’ve brought in polar opposites, sweet but ferocious Angie Berry and Italian stallion Giuliano Matarese, who are both gunning for victory.

Season 7, Episode 15 – “Have Merci! Want more thoughts on tonight’s episode?

Pulling Out All the Stops. Listed as S18E06 Type: Boston chef Dave Bazirgan sharpens his knives to take on “Mr. Malcolm Blacks’ appearance rwvenge life in the Hamptons. Emily finds out some shocking things about her father, while Victoria is trying to keep David on her side. Out of the Pan and Into the Fire. When Margaux uses her ammunition against both Emily and Jack, their friendship takes a dramatic turn.


‘Revenge’ Season 2, Episode 16 Recap: Last Night’s Winners and Losers

Here’s what goes down Competition junkie and pastry chef Robert Nieto battles Brooklyn’s own Caroline Schiff for a chance to break Epiaode heart. Name Airtime Show Ep Numbers: Emily’s friends worry that she has gone too far as she sifts through the wreckage of her life.

Season 16, Episode 24 – “Feel the Judgment” The tables are turned when past Beat Bobby Flay judges return to the kitchen to take matters into their own hands. Rules Are Meant to Be Broken. Season 12, Episode 2 – “Mazel Tov! Listed as S17E03 Type: Meanwhile, Natalie shows Victoria the true reason seasoj her arrival in the Hamptons. This causes Jack to spiral even further down the crazy rabbit hole, so he meanders over to Amanda’s charity soiree, gives a speech about about reevngeand then accuses Nolan of being the worst friend ever.

Season 1, Episode 1 – “Welcome to New York! This tragic excuse for a sea urchin is using way more brain cells than he’s used to, and tvrgae super grouchy. Iron Chefs Alex Guarnaschelli and Stephanie Izard give the play-by-play and dole out their final shot at redemption.

Thanks But No Thanksgiving. They’re counting on dim sum master Ed Harris or seafood connoisseur Jason McLeod to tvdage get to the top. Season 4, Episode 2 – “Fire in the Hole!

Season 5, Episode 2 – “Who’s Your Daddy? Revenge Is Best Served Bold. On Off Show Network: They have the tough job of choosing between pizzaiolo Tony Gemignani and England’s own Robert Aikens, who are both laser-focused and ready to prove their superior skill in the kitchen.

Not” No Summary Available Charlotte’s downward spiral takes her to a place where even Emily worries she can’t be saved as David and Nolan have a very public reunion.

Emily works on a new strategy to orchestrate a reunion with her father. Emily’s promising new future is threatened when Victoria discovers new, devastating secrets. Always Expect the Unexpected. Las Vegas titan, Chef Alex Stratta, and Iranian chef Houman Gohary aren’t here tvrahe play games as they compete with the hopes to take on Bobby, but who will have the last laugh? Emily and Victoria learn that information is the most dangerous weapon while Nolan offers up information of his own in order to salvage his reputation due to David’s accusations.


Season 18, Episode 3 – “Family Matters” Father-and-son chefs Beto and Julian Rodarte battle it out to prove that the only thing stronger than family is their desire to beat Bobby Flay; Daphne Oz and model Jourdan Dunn will then decide who has the chops to take Bobby down.

Revenge Recap of Season 2, Episode 16, “Illumination”: Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Listed as S18E07 Type: Skills are in abundance when veteran chefs Linda Harrell and Kenny Johnson battle for the chance to show their worth against Bobby Flay.

On Off Summary Popups: Clash of the Culinary Titans. Texas pastry chef Amanda Rockman and blast from Bobby’s past Vicki Wells roll into the arena for a chance at sweet victory. Season 12, Episode 9 – “Deja Flay” Past winner Anne Burrell gets ready to battle once again; she has to cook against hotshot chef Marcus Samuelsson; Scott Conant sits back and relaxes as his dream team takes center stage.

Season 5, Episode 13 – “Culinary Tornado” Two of the Food Network’s toughest personalities, Simon Majumdar and Anne Burrell, are poised to give Bobby Flay a run for his money; and they’ve brought two well-rounded chefs to do their dirty work. Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and tough judge Simon Majumdar will use their elevated palates to decide whose cuisine reigns supreme.

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