This book with Riaz’s taken mate is a perfect example of how well Singh weaves animal and human to make an interesting character. Como todos los libros de la saga, una vez que empiezas a leer no puedes parar. This time it was even better. Oct 07, Choko rated it it was amazing Shelves: View all 16 comments. Things start out so rocky between them because Riaz is hurting over his mate and Adria is extremely prickly toward Riaz because she doesn’t want to be attracted to him. Gehen Sie zu Amazon.

Nalini is going to ruin me. I love that Sascha’s story continues in such depth. It was also nice to see the changelings from the outside. This has also precluded him from rising in the ranks, but Max doesn’t mind as long as he is sure he’s the one making the decisions in regards to his cases. This is no longer new, Singh. It threatens to undermine everything she has built of her new life. Even so, the author never ceases to amaze me with the world she has created.

I mean, I can see it with the changelings – they are part animal, but in this book we get a human male and he is written in the same exact way that the changelings are.

Of course I have ones Ive liked more than others, but no couples I downright disliked.

I had a wonderful time reading about Max and Sophia. More specifically on Nikita Duncan who has her top management people mysteriously murdered. For me, that was what let me down so I couldn’t enjoy the story so much.

View all 15 comments. Luckily we finally get that answer in this book. View all 6 comments. I can not believe this is the 8th book in the series already! Singb late, they realise that they have more to lose than they ever imagined. That was a waste of epic proportions to me. The Psy, at least most, are finally understanding that change is coming a type of awakening. Mass Market Paperbackpages.


Bonds of Justice (Psy-Changeling #8) by Nalini Singh

nalkni Both of them look deeper to see their soulmates. Max Shannon is a human cop for the New York Nallni with a gift that allows him peace. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Still, Max never gave up and he would do anything to save her.

My only complaint is the same I had with the previous book, Blaze of Memorywhich is that the sensuality and steam level of the love scenes seems to have cooled a bit compared to the other, earlier books in the series. In this book, we will meet Detective Max Shannon, a human cop who was born with a natural mental shield that protects him from Psy mental interference, and Sophia Russo, J-Psy who has almost reached her ‘retirement’ age and her telepathic shield are beginning to fail.

How terrible a life, when suicide has become one of the acceptable ways to end it, instead of giving in to feeling and the desire for human interaction Placeres de la noche Cazadores Oscuros 2 Spanish Edition.

Bonds of Justice [Apr 1, ] 1 3 Sep 23, I am loving the little tidbits and hints that are dropped about his true goals and alliances. Latest Book in the Series.

Other books in the series.


Because of his natural shield Max Shannon is sreie to Psy mental invasions. The narrator’s asides after every line contribute to a dramatic, over-the-top tone, along with abuse of adjectives.

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And he won’t be working alone There is obviously a disturbance in the net. Knowing this it comes as a huge surprise when he’s tapped as a special investigator by a Psy Councilor, and not just any Psy Councilor, but Nikita Duncan herself. Still enjoyable but nothing super special.

Close proximity to Max spi a case in which they cambiantds trying to determine who is trying to kill powerful Psy Councilor Nikita Duncan reveals that he’s a man she cannot resist. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

I almost expected him to start humping her leg or something. Riaz, a SnowDancer lieutenant already sworn to someone else. Gerard Bonner is not a fictional character in a fictional world he is very real but he has many different faces and many different names, humans are capable of great cruelty and evil.

The stuff with Hawke and Sienna along with other characters was more fun and involving. Her mind is filled with nightmares, with the evil she has witnessed over the years.

Singh can never say “anger” or “power,” she must say “vicious power” and “masculine anger.

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