Ohh, and another thing with Yoon Hee’s character. My sister been ranting all weekend about the Baby Face beauty slap, I haven’t watch it yet myself but that slap really disgusted her. I wonder where they are going with it. I will wait for this show until its finished and then I will watch it with subs. I was wondering about the exact same thing. I can imagine if I was watching tv, I might flip through and see this odd looking albeit beautifully filmed 70s theme drama, give it a second, then flip back to what I normally see on tv these days. The reason why you have two arms is for hugging somebody. Korea may not like the old school stories anymore but i still like it.

Son Eun Seo Supporting Cast. Ae-jung took it more seriously than she did, and slapped her across the face. Bring on the reality show parodies and the behind-the-scenes hijinks! I’ve been looking forward to this drama ever since I heard the Hong sisters were doing a new one. PD Yoon also highly praised him for being able to tailor his acting to what he wanted. Yeah, there is an obvious connection shown.

Just then, a big van pulls up next to her, and her old manager gets out and slaps her across the face, out of nowhere. This is my first time posting here though I’ve been following this blogsite to feed my drama addiction since December.

Remember everyone, there is a lot left, so don’t waste your time stressing out how each single episode is being rated I never post any in-depth stuff but I feel I need to for this drama.

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As for the acting, I’m quite satisfied. I love this drama! At the back of rainn mind i kinda knew it wouldn’t be easy for Love Rain to be a success even if we have PD Yoon and the scriptwriter. Sign In Sign Up. If your friend experienced your theory of taking 3 seconds to fall in love on the same girl that you experienced that with, how would one react?


Actually, Yoon PD said in an interview before that darmacrazy is particular in using colors. That’s the time we can fully assess their acting skills.

Exactly what I was thinking!!

I died watching Gong Hyo Jin’s raon possible sequence! His movie Fighter ends up doing well because of all the good press from the accident, and does surprisingly well in the box office.

While she sits downstairs uploading the picture and writing the comment to go with it, he receives a call from his agent that Peter Jason has put the offer back on the table. Hopefully more will give this drama and chance and write in their opinion about the drama. You’ve made Thursday and Friday turn so cheerful with your witty recaps. While standing in the hallway, the idol group with no manners walks past her without a word yet again, and so she walks over to tell them, as a sunbaeto greet people properly if they want to do well.

To top if off, they ask Ae-jung to give Jin a word of encouragement, so she gives him a public send-off to Hollywood: He seems like a nice guy, for now. First, I can understand a little bit of why the ratings may be a little dramacraay the low side. Love the Hong Sisters.

I will keep an eye out for a these things because they aren’t used randomly.

Other stuffs like the diary, paintings and guitars are stuffs needed to establish each character in the drama. He gets sidetracked by his occupational hazard of noticing physical signs of wellness, though, and takes her hand and tells her to stick out her tongue loove so much as a thought, and tells her to stop drinking so much.

His sympathy immediately goes out to her, reading all the hateful comments to her online, and he gets all worked up in her defense, without even realizing it. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Horrified, Jin just laughs it off and glosses it over as a gift to the director, sjb host Lee Hwi-jae congratulates him on getting the movie that he wanted so badly.


I like him a lot, and I hope to see him act in a drama which is gonna make him so populair as an actor.

But there would have to be an epic fall off in ratings. The reason why you have two arms is for hugging somebody.

Secret Episode 14 English Sub

Thanks for the recap GF: Sent a smile across my face. Ryeowook dan Sungmin Memberikan Petunjuk Koreograf He has the best style! Zero tolerance for that kind of behavior is sug accepted in the states and that how it should be everywhere because we are human being not animals! Does anyone know where I can watch this with subs??

Are they just allowed to slap people like that? I am so sad for JGS. I’m talking about the scene when she dropped him off at his place from the hospital and the phone rang on her way back home. Sure, it isn’t perfect, when did people expect perfect? I’m enjoying watching JGS and Yoona, they are so sweet and oh so innocent.

Anyway, we established characters, personalities, relationships, and we have a few more episodes left in the past to find out why these two didn’t work out. So far some people say: With the addition of the veteran actors, i hope viewers will give this drama a chance. I can’t wait until the children counterparts see one another for the first time.

Kim Young Kwang Main Cast. You know that the Hong Sisters did that because of that. The meta on meta and meta meta meta just kills me.

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