With the most dangerous team all tied up and Gon now having collected all 99 reserved card slots, a special game event is due to take place in order to receive the 00 card. The old man realizes that Gon will crack his skull if he continues with his headbutt, so he uses his right hand to push Gon away from him. He demonstrates how Ren works, by giving Killua the idea of killing him. Leorio and Kurapika leave the group to pursue their own goals. Meanwhile, Morel is approached by Cheetu who uses his new abilities to trap him inside a closed space, claiming that he can’t leave unless he manages to catch him in 8 hours. On the audio Ging asks Gon if he wants to see him.

Gon and his friends have been trapped inside a cave by poisonous snakes. Frustrated, Leorio decides to use the majority rule as a way out of the difficulty but no one supports him. Kurapika, Leorio and Killua. We witness a few flashbacks from Killua’s earlier childhood, mostly between him and Canary. Meanwhile, Pouf enters in a cocoon in preparation to confront Morel, and Shoot fights Youpi to the limit of his forces until Knuckle steps in to protect him. Leorio is still betting with Leroute, a woman who plays mind tricks.

Netero then arrives and tests both boys’ instincts and asks how they felt about the difficulty of the exam. Archived from the original on July 11, Chrollo xx the information he has on Neon to identify the location of the chain user, Kurapika.

Retrieved June 13, Leorio and Kurapika are disqualified for guessing the wrong However, he is not able to go on the offensive because of Gido’s Tornado Top defense. The final duel between Gon and Knuckle begins.

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Killua than carries Gon away, promising to return in the next day for the decisive battle against Knuckle and Shoot. Satotz leads what remains of the candidates to meet the second phase examiners, Menchi and Buhara. humter

Archived from the original on 9 January She has a message from the boss of the Phantom Troupe. Retrieved from ” https: The Fourth Phase ended and 9 applicants will go on through the Final Phase and the chairman interviewed each of them, after that Gon and Kurapika chat and thank each other.


What’s on Norman’s Watchlist? We witness a few flashbacks from Killua’s earlier childhood, mostly between him hunrer Canary. Tsezgerra episodw runs out of Accompany and Return cards, which was all according to plan, and uses Leave to exit the game.

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Kurapika alone makes a move against the Phantom Troupe. Meanwhile, Pariston wins the election, but renounces in favor of fellow Zodiac Cheadle and Killua tries to seal Alluka’s powers away to ensure that she can live a normal life, but changes his mind after Alluka tells him that he should accept both her personalities.

He artfully and secretly uses his Hatsu, “Bungee Gum”, to kill Kastro with the playing cards from one of his tricks. The king bypasses Netero’s defenses and tears up an arm and a leg from huntre body. Gon meets Kite who claims that there is nothing to apologize for, as only he was at fault for what happened to him. The battle system in hunter x hunter hunfer the most interesting I have encountered.

Gon comes up with the idea to choose the long route, and axe the wall dividing them between the short path, and all five of them make it down the base of the tower in time.

Just as he promised, Knuckle does not hold back and uses his special technique on him, forcing Gon to look for a way to defeat him as fast as possible. The disguised Ikalgo reaches the lower levels of the palace to look for Palm, unaware that he is being followed.

Meanwhile, other members of the Troupe continue to gather information on the Nostrade Family and the chain user. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Gon and Killua attend an auction of Greed Island to scout out potential employers hiring Hunters to clear the game.


To become a Hunter, he must pass the Hunter Examination, where he meets and befriends three other applicants: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gon is able to use his fishing rod to snatch Hisoka’s tag right when Hisoka attacks his target. Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio arrive at Zaban City, the venue of the Hunter Exam, where they meet Tonpa another friendly veteran examiners.

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Though Gon is reluctant to accept Hisoka’s charity, he is ultimately forced to and Hisoka expresses his desire to meet Gon in the next stage of the exam. Each applicant must collect 6 points in order to pass this phase of the exam. Kurapika receives a message that Chrollo isn’t dead as previously thought! Chrollo uses his new ability to predict the future of all of his group members.

Gon and Animf44 receive an invitation from other players to team up to prevent Genthru from beating the hjnter. Kurapika, Melody, and Leorio hatch a plan to capture Chrollo and use him as leverage to force the remaining Phantom Troupe members to release Gon and Killua. After accounting for the number of participants, an examiner by the name of Satotz tells the participants to follow him in the first phase of the exam, without telling them their destination or how far they are going to travel.

Both of them are immediately advanced 211 the 50th floor after their initial battles on the 1st floor. However, the catch is that nunter are many hidden doors and each one can be only used once by one person, which means they have to split up.

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