Phillipe Bellaiche Talia Tulik Galon. So this is also something that I thought I owe to my kids. We would appreciate your feedback on this series. What should I tell them, and how? In this scene it appears in its extreme shape as it is being expressed in the dialogue between us. The film was widely acclaimed and Goldfinger was chosen by the mainstream daily Yedioth Ahronoth as one of the top five people in cinema that year.

After his grandmother’s death Arnon Goldfinger began, all alone, to film the clearing out of his grandmother’s flat. It moved on the timeline till it got its final place. And then it happened: We have no connection to the Holocaust. At that point the research broadened and new characters emerged, unexpected ones. After his grandmother’s death, Arnon Goldfinger began to film the process of sorting her belongings. Filmmaker magazine is a publication of click here to learn more. Photo by Yorgos Lanthimos.

In trying to make sense of this relationship, he explores how silence resides in both victims and perpetrators, and how, sometimes, it can shape a family history. Suddenly among the cartons of gloves and shoes, the fox furs and the purses, the books and the boxes with letters — a pile of old German newspapers appeared.

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He added that “one of goldfinver most exciting documents on the Shoah. He attended Tel Aviv University where he majored in cinema with a minor in philosophy.

After my grandmother died I felt a strong urge to take my camera and film her flat. After you have the scenes edited, you start moving them around the time line and look for their right place.

By chance Goldfinger met cinematographer Talya Tulik Galon, who lives not far from his grandmother’s flat, and told her about the flat. Every month, we invite a guest to reflect about the many ways that antisemitism and hatred influence our world today. But Goldfinger and the others did not know exactly what they were looking for. Goldfingfr were the challenges that came with integrating your family, including your mother, and strangers like Edda Von Mildenstein and her husband, into the onscreen story?


She lives not far from there. The film was screened in 35mm and in the review following the screening, film critic Avner Shavit called The Flat “one of the best Israeli aarnon ever made”. It was the opening film at Dok Munich in In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Goldvinger him, it was a perfect alibi: Did it come naturally, or did your onscreen role evolve as the film progressed? It was called Der Angriffand it was a very extreme Nazi propaganda paper. In this scene it appears in its extreme shape as it is being expressed in the dialogue between us.

But as Goldfinger reaches across generations for answers, he slowly realizes that the people he meets, his family, and even himself, might not be prepared to know what he uncovers. How did you approach the editing process? Photo by Yorgos Lanthimos. We filmed for around two months only what was going on in the flat.

Retrieved from ” https: The German version of the film features the voice of renowned German actor Axel Milberg taking on the role of narrator Arnon Goldfinger.

Director Arnon Goldfinger shares about his documentary “The Flat” | Holocaust Studies in Haifa

This is weird enough and raised a lot of questions. But as long as the film develops it became much harder to find what I want to find, what I want to resolve. Filmmaker magazine is a publication of click here to learn more.


I do not know many senior editors that would have the patience for such a director…. The way in which the film developed led me to understand that I had to leave my position behind the lens and become an on-screen subject.

Time Out Tel Aviv placed the film at the top of its recommended list for more than 30 weeks under the headline: Goldfinger undertakes expert research and leads us through his findings in a way that is not only gentle and sensitive, but also compelling and creative”. The first surprise was we found a very strange newspaper in my grandparents’ flat. A selection of comments may be posted on our website, at our discretion. So, I believe that when they met von Mildenstein after the war, and he told them one of his alibis, they really wanted to believe in it.

The Komediant The Flat. All of these screenings were sold out.

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At first the goldfingr was only screened twice a week in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. So this was really the beginning of this strange relationship. This should come at the end of the film. Notify me of new comments via email. So the narrative of the film was already clear to me. In his review in the leading Israeli newspaper Yediot Achronot, film critic Yehuda Stav gave the film 5 stars and said the following: To find out that my grandparents were in contact with von Mildenstein, before the war, you can explain their relations.

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