Fri Apr 23, I think they are a bit overpriced personally. So, depending on the kind of work one does, and depending on how far in the future one plans the aquisition, wide gamut monitors can certainly make a certain amount of sense for video work. Even though it is old monitor compare to new monitor but it is stil l good. I know of no cheaper, quality IPS unit you can get without risk. We will make some improvements on Shout access around the site.

I find it hard to tolerate screen reflections and therefore intensely dislike most if not all of the newer “shiny” screens. Can I get one that pivots and raises and lowers? All of that said, your derision towards Dell is basically meaningless. The power source is now seperated from the cable that was present in the ADC connector of older LCD screens, which nakes more cables for power, Firewire, and USB, but is more stable and takes a power load off the mother board. I want to talk about them for a second. Not quite what I was hoping, but here’s one collection of reviews

Buying Several Year Old 23″ Apple Cinema HD Display | MacRumors Forums

Having owned several monitors for professional photography and digital imaging for 12 years; from various high end CRT’s from Sony and Lacie, and worked with clients on their Dell, HP, and other Apple LCD monitors, I dipslay to say this one is exceptional. Jun 2, Posts: The best thing about this screen aside from color, accuracy, style, inputs and size, is it’s ruggedness.


That’s clearly not an option for a lot of us here, we need to buy new. Apple’s professionals need what most professionals need: If no one has any hard facts on the actual tech But I’ve been looking at bigger, better and brighter displays.

Try and be conservative with your scoring and that a 10 should mean the hardware is perfect in all regards and everyone should consider buying it. In JulyApple introduced its successor, the Apple Thunderbolt Display, though it is still being sold to offer compatibility with devices that do not support Thunderbolt.

Not talking about the new ones. I don’t think quality control is an Apple advantage — the return policy isn’t very generous.

Buying Several Year Old 23″ Apple Cinema HD Display

Unfortunately, the displays is the one area I find that really is too limiting and doesn’t offer any benefits beyond a matching shell. Simply because I do not buy monitors that use an external transformer.

Aug 28, Posts: The Dell continuum linked to gives you many more features esp. Apr 24, Posts: A friend of mine wants to get a incher used somewhere.

Apple Cinema Display Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. However, it seems to me that there must be flat panels out there that compete with zpple specs of the Cinema Display. I already have 1 Apple Cinema 23″ display. Sep 27, Posts: They have IP envy? There are monitors as good as, or even much better than an Apple, but they cost the same or more.


Again, Apple goes through great efforts to design an highly functioning machine, and this design is great. Oct 12, Posts: Even if Apple had the tech first I would expect the PC world to have caught up by now.

Nov 6, Posts: Tue Apr 27, 5: Luckily, the image quality is so good that the average Wintel user won’t miss the ability to tweak contrast or individual color values. I have a ZR22w in my office right now, but I lack the equipment to really test to see if it’s better than the WA I have in another part of the office here. Global Game Awards Upgrade to Cinemw for more emoji’s.

If you’re using the Xinema Display with a Wintel machine, the only adjustment you can make to the display’s image is to its brightness. Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor. You think it looks great on your wide gamut display, but once viewed on a “normal” gamut display things look desaturated.

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