Gii leaves, and as soon as he closes the door, Takumi takes his hand away, revealing that despite his anger and cold words, his eyes are filled with tears. He asks Takumi to protect RinRin I think until his practice is over? Akaike and Gii give the boys a scolding – Gii says that he doesn’t think Takumi is the type of person to skip his duties and that everyone else skips all the time. By the way ,can I translate your report into my own language and transfer it? Ah this is delicious. Then he returns to his original reason for rushing in – Misu found out about RinRin! Apologies if this has been done already!

The movie opens on a blue sky and the sound of a violin. The title appears over a blue sky. Akaike asks if Takumi will be okay, if they should take him to a doctor. Arata-san goes to the Student Affairs section and sees that Takumi will be visiting his brother’s grave on the 15th Just then Akaike comes down the stairs and asks Takumi what’s up. So there is a good deal of talk about Shingyouji and Misu’s relationship, and mention of the Tanabata preparations, setting the stage for Pure. Gii pulls him close and asks Takumi to be his for tonight.

Shingyouji opens the window and says that Takumi is right, then asks how he knew. What did you think? I think I should be the one people should talk to about Arata-san He removes his glasses and gives Takumi a, “Yo. Takumi also denies the fact that him and Gii are going out, but Shingyouji says that he knows Takumi loves Gii, so going out isn’t that important, aw Shingyouji!


Takumi thanks aon, and gives a rather charming smile at the thought of seeing Gii again. Ano Hareta Aozora movie – part 2 – Takumi-kun Series. Upon meeting up with Gii, Takumi is worried when it turns out Gii has aizora, suddenly acting cold and distant. Voice over says that Gii helped give him the courage to go last year. Akaike asks if Takumi will be okay, if they should take him to a doctor.


Takumi-kun Series: Ano Hareta Aozora (movie) – Takumi-kun Series

As the camera focuses on the mailbox, flashback Takumi opens it up and sees the letter. And by ‘May’ I mean does!!! There were lots of sweet moments – Gii’s hand on Takumi’s waist, Takumi touching Gii’s chest and shoulder – it all spoke of much more physical comfort than we’ve seen in the past, which really made the scene sweet for me. Takumi looks at the letter from his mother, and the train ticket she included in case he wants to go to his brother’s grave.

Takumi agrees and Shingyouji leaves. XD After he leaves, Gii tells Takumi to sit on the couch and asks if he wants coffee. Gii goes to the window, and the voice over changes to the last lines of movie 3, when Gii asked Takumi to be his aon. Ano Hareta Aozora movie – Takumi-kun Series.

[Insert Name Here]: Movie Summary [Ano, Hareta Aozora]

Misu mentions that Shingyouji is his possession a line echoed in Pure. Kasidej Hongladaromp, Nutchapon Rattanamongkol.

Takumi makes an excuse for Gii leaving, and yareta Ohashi-sensei about Misu wanting to take RinRin to the pound. Edit Storyline Gii and Takumi are trying to get thought this school year, without being seen together and it still hurts, but takumi’s “human” phobia is still better.

Ohhh I’m having Arata-san ; If Movue has to come along too, then so be it! Gii says of course not, and they kiss. They begin a relationship, but Kurata’s jealousy starts causing problems.

Jeeez everyone is making Arata-san seem like such an ass!!! Apparently Mpvie hasnt been paying him much attention, because it’s Arata-san He says that it is the extreme kindness Gii is showing to him, to want to keep him safe. I will name the original author.

Naoto Hayama is Takumi’s brother, apaprently his parents adored him, and they didnt really notice Takumi. L I find it really When leaving the grave Gii takes Takumi’s hand as says they should visit there again next year, and ,maybe with his family too Apologies if this has been done already!


My family used to watch it on tv all the time He asks Takumi to protect RinRin I think until his practice is over? Gii says he’ll lose the tournament right away, and Takumi finally snaps, yelling, “Can you do something like that?!

05.1 ❣ Takumi-kun: Ano Hareta Aozora

Present Takumi says in voice over that Gii was the only one who understood his syndrome and his real feelings. The shots switch between Takumi practicing and Gii sitting in his room studying, and presumably listening to the violin.

Takumi says in the greenhouses he wanted to talk to him about it. Takumi feels betrayed by Gii Why was Student Affairs Section in English?! Gii asks what time it is, and Takumi, realizing how late it is, says he should get back to his room. He wants to do this properly because he feels like he’s only been making Takumi cry all year yes, you have, Giiand that Takumi’s brother would get angry with him if he doesn’t start treating Takumi better.

Ano, hareta aozora 6. Lots of gasping and kissing. The title appears over a blue sky. Though Togawa seemed rude and cross, Shima was drawn He then muses aloud that Shingyouji probably doesn’t have anyone but himself to talk to about his adoration for Misu.

I go for a light jog for 1 hour and i come back, struggling to breathe, my face is red like a tomato and I’m feeling like there is no way I can’t live another second. There is a Snooker Tournament to welcome the new students Their words are voice overs as Takumi walks through the hall to the library, and then goes in, proving that he wasn’t going to skip his duties at all.

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