She also reveals that by reaching Saburo Hatte’s dimension, she managed to inspire him to create a second season for the series, but she got angry upon losing her position as the main villain once again with the advent of General Tsuu, and after disposing of him, she used the knowledge she obtained to assume control of all the Super Sentai villains and defeat the official heroes. Thus, both Akagi and Yumeria proceed to drink sake while Mitsuki, not able to drink due to her age, leaves the cafe after being taunted on for her lack of Super Sentai knowledge. Hearing this and thinking of his departure from the Akibarangers, Akagi explains that in the Super Sentai series, new villains are introduced mid-season to shake up the storyline. The subs made by Shushuto Scrubs will be taken down as well. By that time, Hiroyo hired a suit actor to pose as Deka Red and convince Akagi not to give up being a Akibaranger. He’s seeking for the strongest Super Sentai warriors to feed his bloodlust.

During the third day, the police start arresting cosplayers with Akagi and Luna helping Yumeria out. Cybertron as Suzuoki’s health deteriorated. She is a licensed practical nurse and has appeared as a race queen at the Suzuka 8 Hours endurance race July However, they find that it was also part of Malseena’s plan and she uses the energy absorbed by the monster to revive Delu Knight and reassemble the Stema Otsu Corporation. What goes into my head are some classic American and European fantasy films and literature that the Japanese ended up taking inspiration from for stuff like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. Meanwhile, Mitsuki and Yumeria head to Otamix to buy some Aoi merchandise when they see a group of otaku running to a back alley to get their hands on an upcoming Aoi DVD release. For the Akibarangers to get back their powers back and have a chance to confront Prism Ace, Hatte approves the production of a special VS film featuring all of them.

But when she receives a phone call from Hiroyo, she and Akagi enter the delusion to aid Akiba Yellow in battling Shimokitazawa once again. However, Malseena retaliates in Darkness Stema Castle Robo before Itashar Robo’s attack accidentally activated the evil mecha’s self destruct sequence.

Member feedback about Kappei Yamaguchi: Shortly after the phone conversation, Akagi bumps into Sayaka, who tells him she is meeting up with her friends inside. The Akibarangers engage Shimokitazawa in a small theater stage, where he and Malseena defeat them using invisible barriers, hidden mines and shadow tactics.

Surrounded by a group of Shatieek priests, Akagi and Yumeria are forced to enter this delusion and change into Akibarangers. Once returning to the Delusion Akibarangfr, the Akibarangers kidnap China Red to have him watch a poorly executed reenactment of Dairanger’s opening clip made by them, just to be forced to flee after Malseena and the others appear.

A furious Delu Knight then akibarannger at them, only to be shot in the chest by Doctor Z and Malseena, the latter revealing her gun only works on bloodless monsters.

The rifle is an air gun since it has a long magazine loaded. Meanwhile, Malseena and a Shatieek are seen walking by a park when Akagi accidentally collides with them.

Impersonating Hiroyo’s voice in the communicator, Malseena sets up a trap by encouraging the Akibarangers to increase their Delusion Power to catch up with Yoyogi.


Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger Episode 1

usb The Akibarangers throw Shimokitazawa into different stages until he reaches a warehouse fight scene where Akiba Blue uses everything she learned from Niibori on her attacks. Just as Delu Knight appears to confront his new rival, Takuma hands his MMZ unit back to Akagi before speeding off on his motorcycle, leaving the Executive Director in frustration.

List of Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger episodes. Member feedback about List of Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger characters: Honoka topic Honoka Japanese: After Akagi and company reminisce about the events of the second season, it is revealed that the Akibarangers are still dead and after bidding farewell to Hiroyo and KozuKozu, they are called back to heaven by Yellow Four ITime Fireamibaranger Abare Killer.

Tokufanatic: Hikonin sentai akibaranger season 2

Plus, she’s the big sister or team heart of Maskman. She’s mad at Gaisorg for interrupting but turns out that he had a ticket to the competition all along. Akagi and the others then return to face her in the Delusional World, where she finally has them remember what really happened during the first season. After General Tsuu places Malseena in an arcyllic box akin to Princess Ial’s punishment in Hikari Sentai Maskman for her constant defiance, the Akibarangers are bailed back to reality due to being overpowered by Mutoumushite.

Member feedback about Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger: She politely denies any involvement in the incident and hangs up, to the shock of the trio. She also reveals that by reaching Saburo Hatte’s dimension, she managed to inspire him to create a second season for the series, but she got angry upon losing her position as the main villain once again with the advent of General Tsuu, and after disposing of him, she used the knowledge she obtained to assume control of all the Super Sentai villains and defeat the official heroes.

General Pain is out and about for once while Malshina is communicating with him complaining there is no monster yet.

But before leaving, Akagi claims that eventually Saburo Hatte will think on a way to bring them back if needed. Prism Ace manages to put Hiroyo under his control again and has the upper hand against Akagi until Malseena appears to save her, and when Hiroyo reminds him that he is on the left side of the screen, he switches sides with the opponent, making use of the unwritten rule in Tokusatsu series that dictate that the hero usually unleashes his victory attack from the right side, defeating Prism Ace.

Z out in order to shut him down, Delu Knight, reactivates and kills both her and Dr. Mitsuki and Yumeria are immediately attracted by the man, as he waves at them before leaving. Akagi and Yumeria are forced to retreat, and the effects of the dark changes in Z-Cune Aoi keeps spreading to the point of affecting the entire franchise to the point of being a short lived series with Hiroyo effected as she ends up on the verge of bankruptcy.

Waking up from a dream, Akagi decides to get a drink at Himitsukichi where he reminisces with Hiroyo of when he, Yumeria and Mitsuki became the Akibarangers nine months ago. Infatuated by Niibori’s kendo skill, Mitsuki approaches him to seek advice on improving herself as an Akibaranger. A second season was officially announced in January at a teaser event tying in with the final appearances of the characters from Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, featuring Masato Wada, who performs as main character Nobuo Akagi.


I like how Stinger arrives and tries to talk sense into Captain Marvelous. While escaping from the police, General Tsuu ends up meeting the Akibarangers and learns their secret when confronted by Hadezukin, realizing he can use his Moya Moya Z-Cune to enter the Delusional World.

As Malseena does not show up for a while, the trio continue to live their normal lives as they read news reports and tweets on the Akiba Square incident. Just for starters — Super Sentai series are usually independent or self-contained from each other or there are many universes for Super Sentai.

Distraught by this revelation, Akagi leaves Himitsukichi and mopes along a car park, where he sees Ryuji Saineiwho on his way to an event promoting the Japanese language dub of Power Rangers S.

Malseena then retreats and Kiba Ranger leaves soon 22, swearing to return and bring them down for good in their next encounter. The trio’s motto is “Pain Is Power! In Himitsukichi, the wall has a akibarangger of past weapons that were used in several Super Sentai series as small arms.

During the third day, the police start arresting cosplayers with Akagi and Luna helping Yumeria out.

Hikōnin Sentai Akibaranger Radio (Part 2 of 2) (English Subbed) [480p]

However, as the Akibarangers find General Tsuu’s comatose body, Hiroyo finds herself with a scorpion mark on her neck as the mysterious patient is about to leave the hospital. Upon changing into the Akibarangers, they discover a cage with five women — including Sayaka – locked inside.

Japanese male child actors Revolvy Brain revolvybrain 20th-century Japanese male actors Revolvy Brain revolvybrain 21st-century Japanese male actors Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Realizing that she is in fact another enemy, Akagi and the girls confront her, and she reveals herself as the Space Ninja Hadezukin. The more often the MMZ units are used, the closer the scorpion crawls to her throat before she loses her voice permanently. As further proof, he stops an advertisement banner scrolling on the seasonn of the viewer’s screen while Mitsuki and Yumeria read it aloud.

Malseena falls back as Zyurangers entrust the Akibarangers with the Zyuran Buckler, which they use to finish Kunimasmaphogany. She then informs Hiroyo that a Toei producer Hideaki Tsukada is on the other ssason, much to everyone’s shock as KozuKozu throws a bowl of snacks in the aiibaranger.

Instead, I decided to focus on the four-part series episodes on which would end the Heisei era of Super Sentai soon. However, as the two vampire girls merge into an entirely different monster, a woman reveals herself to be the mastermind as the Akibarangers’ transformation transports everyone to the mountains. He is affiliated with Ken Production. Walking back home while reflecting on what she learned of her father and the MMZ designs, she suddenly realises her father’s true role in the group’s current adventures.

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