July 15, at 2: I love this story so after reading these comments I think u have put a wrong story on tv. Ong Hwee Ling says: September 30, at 1: The outings were creative fiction although the king did make sojourns as did yeoning, it was done for enjoyment and also to point out the differences. October 21, at 8: Han In Soo Supporting Cast.

December 10, at Searching for original portraits of King Sukjong July 21, dramasrok 8. June 4, at Seo Bum Shik Supporting Cast. Excellent acting as well. TV Yi San Episode

XD nope the soron was like the south faction who backed up dong yi up so she could work her to suk bin which was the highest rank for a conbuine like dong yi or jang hae bin but jang hae bin was backed by the noron faction which worked with the drqmacrazy faction to make her son the crown prince and of course the king of course but king geyongjong ruled joseon for 2 years unit king yeonjo ascend to the throne in King brockjong Oh boy.!

December 19, at April 23, at But we sell it all to another person. And fifth of they did keep all the infomation in the palace on people who work in the palace if u watch tv show dong yi they had all the info includin the lower classes so.

December 15, at 8: This video is not I put. I simply luv this historical drama.

Ya if u talkin buyin it its goin to cost u though but if i were u i would either download it or just bootleg it on dvd if u yj tha show dong yi. August 21, at August 9, at 3: November 26, at 2: Dong yi rocks but the end is like very sad wen dong yi meets up with.

Did Dong Yi and King Sukjong really have a long romance?

Throughout the yyi they only showed how Dong Yi made her son the crown prince by allowing the Queen Inhon to adopt her son. September 21, at 3: Please encourage them by leaving a comment below!


Indeed in a drama to watch from beginning to ending. It is just worth re-watching. Maybe you want to believe in a great love type Romeo and Juliet, but that was not the case with Sukjong and Hui bin. July 11, at Yes I have So how did d king and dongyi truely meet?

Jang Ok jung it is sann a drama based in a novel of We have little information about her, Most of the information about her was avoided purposely, because her origin low birth class, was considered shameful for Nobles, at difference of Jang hui bin who came from middle class and her family were professionals translators thats why we have more register of her and she had a given name.

She was given the name Sukbin and her son became King Yeongjo who reined for 52 years and was the longest reigning king in Joseon history. Are there any video doumentaries I could that is based on dong yi and sukjong and about how did dong yi died? Sorry, s, so 18th century.

King Yeongjo probably since his mother came from the servant class changed some of epispde laws about marriage between the lower and upper classes which led to the servant class eventually dying out. These were merely things written by our scriptwriter who did a good job, I must say.

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Because she is the one I had choose. Song Chang Eui Supporting Cast. And I think I saw you leaving some comments on the other posts as well. October 13, at 8: In the tv show dong yi did they really epksode an office of investgations in korea ean the timr. As to jang, she was considered the most beautiful woman in the kingdom, she was also recorded to be greedy for power and one of the cruelest and uncompromising of people in her quest.


Dong yi is the best role model ever. MBC Dramia hi everyone! August 8, at 4: July 2, at 7: She was respectful and always waited on Queen Inhyeon dranacrazy Queen Inwon.

Jo Yun Woo Supporting Cast. December 7, at 5: Yeongjo mourned her for three years. February 17, at For me, the ending means something else.

Episode 54

Elena Ene, Bucharest, Romania. Secondly, all we know from the Joseon Annals were the fact that Choi was a palace maid a low ranking one under Hi Inhyeon whom Sukjong took favour on. She was probably more involved in political matters than having shared a true romance with Sukjong.

They are like classic with gone with the wind I wish they will make more historical drama like this. Watch Yisan total 77 episodes.

Jang smother was from the servant class but the were middle class as she was Jang s fathers second sramacrazy. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Yi San Episode 53

June 26, at At the time I felt Kirsten was so pretty that I wanted to fly to Taiwan to see her in person. I mean about royal family members and other princes hiding sn identity and travelling through Europe not only in metropolitan areas in incognito.

December 7, at 6: I spent a lot of time and enjoyed at every episode the story goes.

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