Vandervoort because they want to claim her fortune, but she is then rescued by the Coopers. Retrieved July 14, Petey is spooked when he sees the toaster rise and a machine chasing after him. Check out Disney Descendants, Tangled, K. Craig and Kira’s 20th anniversary is coming and Kira is upset that Craig does not want a big party to celebrate. Retrieved November 6, Ernie devises a solution to back up Judy’s video footage to a separate hard drive so they can be reinstalled onto Judy after she downloads them for the Organization.

However, Eliza finds out who K. Brady recruits Marisa as a spy for the Organization. They intend to gain knowledge from Simmons on how to break through the systems so they can steal money from the Treasury. In this episode, K. Meanwhile, Ernie wants to drive by Monique’s house in his father’s classic muscle car , but he crashes it before getting out of the driveway, scraping away the paint on one of the doors. Season 1 Episode 25 – Enemy of the State When a former foe needs the Coopers’ help, the family has to decide if they can face the consequences of aiding the enemy.


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Jasmine Guy as Erica. Undercovdr for a movie marathon? Danielle and Mitch are also heard discussing their boss, an individual known as The Mask. Craig Cooper Kadeem Hardison is K. After the mission K. Lists of Disney Channel television series episodes Lists of American comedy television series episodes Lists of American children’s television series episodes.

The Coopers keep the audio bugs in place to avoid raising suspicion, and they have Judy use her vocal impersonation ability to pose as the family. Meanwhile, Marisa and K. Ernie is tasked with teaching Judy to behave like a normal child, to help maintain her cover as a spy robot.

After the Coopers knock out Johnson and his two agents, K. Zoe eventually makes an antidote for K. The Final Chapter 1 Brett is back and his assignment is to eliminate K.

K.C Undercover | FULL EPISODE: ‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas

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