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You might as well stop watching tamil movies and go live in a box. Not a member yet? All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. Can’t Cancel This Tone Bell: Seems to be the case in some movies in the site. A secluded fast food joint next to an empty parking lot, where it’s good to go, because nobody recognizes you there. We will keep improving the site for free and premium users as we grow.

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Thuppakki 2012

Uer pls be careful! Indian government is waste. I have lost all respect for A.

Wow, what a decent movie! Not sure why everyone’s gaga over this. Lol I remover when the most popular movie was Osti with only view now this movie came out 3 days ago and it has 34 views.


What would you like to discuss? We need subtitle for Tamil movies, please work with it soon!! Can you upload prasanna’s movie ‘Nanayam’ please? You May Also Like. If watcb like, you can read about it at http: It might take some time due to the long request list.

One by one – through their personal drama – the clients push the Waitress towards her own edge.

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On a rainy autumnal day, people show up one after the other – all of them on the verge of a breakdown – or perhaps a breakthrough? Average movie, I thuopakki Vijay but his movies are getting very same old stuff with different story line. We hope to make premium features something everyone will truly enjoy. Omvie the discussion contains spoiler. No issues with the sound. Simbu, It takes time for us to get the clear print and we do not know exact dates.

Great movie by Muragadoss sir! Given Indias 50 rule by Congress, I can see certain people not from hindi belt would seek to split from the country. For everybody, everywhere, everydevice, and everything. Anviya please copy paste this in browser http: When are they going to be added or fixed. Lakshmi, we do not stream UTV films.


Hope to get it after the new year. Very pleasing music – Harris Jayaraj adds color to the whole movie! You might as well stop watching tamil movies and go live in a box. Murugodoss’s influence by zionists is clear, sad. This was the first Vijay’s movie I saw. Hi, When will I start getting malayalam Movies uploaded on to einthusian site. Swathikan, we will be working towards replacing tamil fre with english subs after the fre website design is released.

We do not know exact dates. I know the movies was censored after release because of religious sensitivity. Please help us to describe the issue so we can fix it asap. Prarthana, I cannot be sure about dubbed films but we can add this to our request list.

Screenplay has been very well made.

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