Mizuki notices Nakatsu not participating when he normally would and suddenly a group lead by Nakao comes out, dressed in short jean shorts, a white sleevless top and roller skates. Jae-hee drops by the hospital bearing flowers and Hanna is none too pleased by her visit. JoAnne once again speaking for me. Eun-gyul broaches the topic about his confession. This page was last edited on 3 February , at With Dorm 2’s act finally decided, Mizuki and Nakatsu again go to study. Download the latest version here.

She walks away and Kitahama also turns from his window and sits on the couch. While the siblings were quarelling over the the stupidy of JH being a girl living in a boys dorm, TJ happens ot pass by and hear them. Kitahama pulls his arm away from Sano and againt the flashback of the boy leaving plays. As he walks by, one of the students mockingly asks him what score he recieved. However, Mizuki is already in the process. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Then he hears the shower running which makes his heart go thump thump. Dressed in all white with red boas, they appear next and begin their act.

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Hana Kimi Ep 9 Complete Synopsis + Impression

He slowly walks over and sits next to her and she confesses that it’s her fault Nakatsu was suspended. The dog Yuujiro is named King, and Mizuki is Queen. Shouldn’t this already be a rule? I hope the writer and director flushes out the story so we get a full story out of it. He and Tae-joon engage in a round of one-upmanship as Tae-joon asks how many times Eun-gyul has volunteered 3 or 4 versus Tae-joon since he was young.

She asks Nakatsu what might make Sano happy, and Nakatsu convinces her that Sano needs a girlfriend, so Mizuki forces Sano to attend a joint party with St.

Half naked and drenched please please someone get me a pic of Mr.

Mizuki notices Nakatsu still spacing out and tells him that if he doesn’t have fun, she won’t either. Why Tae-joon doesn’t try to find a way to train in the States? How about you wait? Uh, did you just tell your hot roommate not to take off his shirt? Umeda informs Mizuki that Sano has jepaang to drop out of track and kiml. This show is duper cute right, but it does an wonderful job of getting on my nerves. Mizuki and Nakatsu as dance partners?!!


Hana Kimi Ep 9 Complete Synopsis + Impression: telepudding

Kitahama walks to Nakatsu’s desk and tells him that it’s time to continue their talk and the two leave. Later, Mizuki asks Sano about Kitahama younger brother.

I also thought that the scriptwriters should put somemore life into Jae Hee’s character, I mean, I loved her at the beginning but she’s becoming pretty bland right now though probably because it’s more concentrated on Tae Joon and Eun Gyul’s feeling or whatever so she’s pushed back a little storyline wise.

She suddenly gets jepqng to leave but not before Tae-joon affixes a hat on her. There are many differences from the manga and drama. Not sure if Midas’ myth is the original source material but I am aware that jjepang story exists in various countries with different versions but all have the basic content.

There’s a silence and finally the vice principal asks 122 Nakatsu really displayed violence toward him. Later in the cafeteria, Mizuki announces that she called everyone together to discuss Nakatsu’s situation, which is met by negative comments.

This sparks another flashback in which a boy storms through double doors saying that his older brother is wrong.

Those two have nothing to fear, besides her being in an all-boys school, but if she decides to get back home everything just goes to its rightful place. Hanna seems genuinely touched by her words and Jae-hee has one more mantra to give in the form of a note before she leaves with a smile.

I find Krystal also unsuitable because I cringe when I imagine her doing all those feminine stuff and her tripping and falling all the time. Hasn’t the director noticed yet?

Hana kimi japan subtitle indonesia ant download

I’m sure I will give him relief when its finally revealed she episde in fact a female. Thank Shisus, it is real! Nakatsu asks him what he’s doing and reminds him that the exams start the next day. The moral of the myth during that time was that it is very unwise not to side with a deity during judgment.


Minami and his dormmates taking Mizuki to the “home of the sea”, instead of having fun, they had a couple of showdowns against kagurazaka and his schoolmates of Tokyo high includes the “Beach flag showdown”,” Gyoza eating showdown”, “intro showdown”,” Sumo wrestling showdown”,”Balance showdown”, and the last, “flirting rrama, Nakatsu’s team is nearly lose when Minami supports them and replacing Mizuki during the showdown.

I have no plans to watch this drama but I always wait for the recaps. I haven’t finished reading yet, but I sihopsis watched this episode and I simply must write this comment to get things off my chest hahaha. One thing I’m ashamed of is my reaction to TJ’s hand-on-the-door-to-stop-her and his urging not to leave etc. I can also definitely recognize her “frustrated” faces. She begs Kitahama to take back Nakatsu’s suspension but Kitahama tells her it’s useless.

Nakatsu gives the boy his thanks and as the group leaves, Mizuki turns around to see Kitahama watching them. Nakatsu can’t believe Sano did such a thing for him and asks him if he can hug him. His epiphany is met by another Umeda butt-grab.

Stay by my side. Is that page good? Nakatsu denies the “accusation” and passes back the answer sheets.

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: She has those sad, deadfish eyes that make her look depressed and boring all the time. And all Hyun-jae has to do to honor their deal is to beat Tae-joon in an upcoming competition.

Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this oimi clip. But, hey, who am I to complain? Mizuki asks Nakatsu what he means by that and he shrugs. Nakatsu tells the teacher that he just doesn’t get it and when asked who he is, announces himself as Nakatsu Shuuichi. Drama ini bercerita tentang seorang gadis yang bernama Mizuki Ashiya yang berpura-pura menjadi seorang cowok dan tinggal di sebuah asrama cowok di sebuah sekolah.

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