Aren’t you supposed to be in Spain? I loved the idea of the wedding, too. Instead we’re given Ep ish of Seo Hoo and Hana in an extremely pointless and immature relationship that lends nothing to the plot. Esp when there were chances to do so. Also Maggie in In Time With YOu never came off as annoying she was just young, cute, misguided and thinking too much, whereas her replacement annoyed me from the get-go. Z August 19, at 2: Meta [Happily never after] 49 days of still bitter by Guest Beanie. Why she have Windows 98?

Like what’s the point of Won being offered training overseas then deciding immediately not to go. Thanks for putting this together, it’s really fuuuun! Bleh, not worth it’. Choi won’s lines were so cheesy and corny, I have to applaud LJW for his perseverance on delivering then nonetheless. I mean I have watched the original and I controlled myself not to compre but this version is so crappy that I can’t help but be sad. The original carried a natural and realistic tone to it, so that even the most mundane of events came off as moving and rich.

In Japan, that was very common.


Yes, but your recaps were so one sided. I was cheering that he finally started sticking up for himself and demanded an equal voice in the relationship. Hyung Tae joins in and we sinnopsis the best moment of BFFs So many potential dramas have ended in utter disappoint.

I’m giving them both a pass for this one and just pretending it didn’t happen. Just something to think about.

9 End 2 Outs Episode 1 – Shineaurorarose

Our heroine Nan Hee is about to turn 30 though I’ll never quite understand how Korean ages work as it is the day before New Year’s Eve. Aspiring writer Hong Nan-hee is a foul-mouthed, disheveled and jaded single woman struggling with life and love. Can you please give me recommendation for any K-Romantic Comedy? I cracked up at So-eun’s date. Thanks a million for your continuous recap to the bitter end, Heads!


But we ainopsis finally come to the end of a terrible show!! It’s simple and symbolic. He turns around so he can hold her in his arms instead, which turns into them falling onto the couch giggling and kissing… until Mi-hyang walks in.

Mellyblog: Sinopsis My Fair Lady Episode 16 Final

A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Romance Is a Bonus Book: That’s a huge part of the allure and draw to the site, unless I missed something.

Sappy dialogue aside, the character became an ice princess. Wish HJW tried little more LJW toned it down little bit. If she was bad before they got married, she was horrible after it. I loved it then love so much how it ended sweet and natural. Having a good slice of reality is good sometimes because epusode is life is never perfect.

What made it stand out for me is the simplicity of the story and how realistic it is. They were both cute. An end with sweetest an cute voiceover.

Please don’t ever go sinoppsis this path again. So if you assure me they do end up together, I know what my next drama is. She is just wonderful in every single moment with her detailed acting and I truly appreciate with it.

Were you just laughing along all this time even though you don’t get it no shame if you were, we’ve all done it? It’s like implicitly saying Won got the shorter end of the stick cuz he became a ‘worse’ person who sacrifices everything for love, vs the Hana who realized she loves him for who he is.

What did I like the most about this drama? She stuck in a no-where job and doesn’t have any prospects on the horizon once again, no suitors that she knows about anyways. This wasn’t the best of dramas, but if you only read the recaps, you would think it was the worst.


Of course she does, Hana says with a smile. My icons My textures Alexandra Leaving Suddenly the night has grown colder The god of love preparing to depart Alexandra hoisted on his shoulder They slip between the sentries of the heart.

Were there hints of this needy, whiny version of Won before that I totally missed? That they actually love each other in that way. Hopefully dramabeans would assign a epusode, mature, open-mined, neutral unbiased re-capper. And if you were paying attention early on, we got a flash of this guy looking at a picture of Nan Hee. And Hyung Tae’s not going to let this go either Unfortunately, she may not have an awful lot of choice in this, since it seems like those roles are pretty rare.

Sibopsis from ” https: I would have much preferred if, like LDR, he had given relationships a try, sinppsis only to find out that that person wasn’t right for him in part because of his heart being with someone else.

Your critique loses something with typos. Reading 2nd paragraph totally remind me of hugs and kisses in It’s Okay It’s Love.

That’s everything I think. I feel like I am living as Hana throughout this entire drama and I can fully relate to her character. Thumbs up for the stylists.

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