This proves to have disastrous consequences when, in the course of bravely helping an injured reservation Indian, Zoe is abducted and brutally raped by several members of a degenerate local redneck family, descendants of the people who wiped out the Apache tribe inhabiting these lands over two hundred years ago. The Further 5 days ago. One scene which can only be described as a bar fight with “guts” was truly inspired. Songs Snubbed by the Oscars Over the Hill: I know you did a lot of TV work before this. When I first saw the film, my priority was to interview the filmmakers.

Also known on DVD as “Avenged”. Eventually what happens is he shoots the gas tank and it blows up. Donnelle Russell as Ma. Cody Ronnie Gene Blevins The action in Savaged is so ambitious despite its limited means, it feels like the way movies should be made. I know you did a lot of TV work before this. And, of course, the film is quite satisfying at making you hate these detestable assholes before finally meeting their grisly ends, it almost goes without saying.

We shot the movie in April He’ll have a ginger ale, thanks. It’s clear that the film wouldn’t have been as long if it was straight to the point, all killer no filler, but I don’t think that the film would’ve been as effective if they didn’t let its concepts and ideas sink in first before moving on. Some of the set pieces in Savaged are truly great. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Was this review helpful to you? I digress, this is a good movie.

Movie Info A lethal injection of scares, thrills, romance, and the supernatural, director Michael S. A perfect example of a film born to be watched at the likes of FrightFest, or at least with pals who are knowledgeable genre fans.


So thank God I had people like Ronnie on board. Sometimes, you just want to watch an ersatz The Crow that know exactly how derivative it is, but focuses on hitting all its marks properly rather than winking at the camera.

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So while it is a valid complaint, I think it’s one that would’ve ultimately hurt the movie from a ‘storytelling’ standpoint. And I love that you cast actual Native Americans.

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Critical reception for Savaged has been positive, and HorrorNews. Movies that you may want to see and are available to stream for free on Amazon, if you have a…. She prepared herself, basically. I think they are mostly done intentionally but it doesn’t matter if not. Retrieved 26 January That’s the thing, the idea is nothing if the execution isn’t there and it works as two revenge thrillers at savaed time.

West finds Zoe and ojedw what has happened to her, warning the possessed woman that her flesh will continue to rapidly decay, and for both Zoe and the chief to know peace, they must be avenged quickly.

And it’s, honestly, a really cool idea and the execution definitely works. A lot of people are afraid of that topic. The actors for that scene, everyone around her, have been in a lot of stuff. On paper, the story of a deaf woman travelling alone across the desert to live with ojed lover only to fall foul of murderous rednecks doesn’t sound like a fun time.


Screamfest 2013: Amanda Adrienne & Michael S. Ojeda on Savaged

Ojedw, I mean I played basketball in high school but I never had any kind of martial arts training, so I definitely took advantage of the time when they were getting financing to train on my own. The intestine ripping scene in the bar has been featured in a lot of the promos for the film.

I do when it comes to innocent people being tortured. It is what it is. Patrick writes stuff about stuff for Bloody and Collider. They don’t blow their wad early by cramming ojeeda much stuff in there, they let it all play out the way it should.

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Flim Gurvitz as Will. Despite her reservations, Zoe’s mother allows her to go alone. Unfortunately though, while on her way, Zoe will encounter a band of sadistic white supremacists who will capture and torture her, and when they ultimately have their way with her, leave her for dead in a shallow grave.

Rodney Rowland as Trey. Full Cast and Crew. Keep track of everything you watch; sqvaged your friends. My Favorite s Films.

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