Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor. Gauss also returns to town to make a deal with Ms. However, Misaki is overcome with his desire to CrossFuse, and Ms. Chaud performs CrossFusion with Dark ProtoMan to try and cure him, sending the two into a world of memories where they battle with the darkness. The two work together to stop the Darkloids, leading to a battle beneath the Earth’s surface within a lake of magma. Axess premiered in Japan on October 4, and ran until September 25,

After having a dream about performing CrossFusion, Maylu wishes to do so and protect Lan for a change. Anetta is rescued, but Ms. First, he captures Rush and uses his technology to appear in the real world without the aid of a Dimensional Area. Anetta is taken to Nebula’s base on a transport ship, so Lan and Chaud chase after her. Yuri swiftly kidnaps her. Lan and Maylu tag along. About three months later, ten more episodes aired between November 28 and December 9, bringing the series to a close and skipping five more episodes. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Views Read Edit View history. When Lan is hired to find out what is causing the city’s lights to burn out and destroy themselves, Maylu discovers Lan is a NetSaver.

SpikeMan kidnaps Keifer and Manuela and threatens to crush them in a car compactor, but Lan and Famous intervene. When Maylu receives a new kitten, Rush feels neglected and runs away on the internet. Regal’s hidden space hideout. Lan and MegaMan stop arguing and work together to defeat BubbleMan. After beating SavageMan, Lan passes out, but recovers a few seconds later.


There would be no future breaks in between new Rockman series unlike the six-month separation between the original EXE and Axess. Chaud investigates another Darkloid attack involving BubbleMan and BurnerMan, leading him to a hot spring that Lan happens to be visiting.

After airing 35 episodes having skipped one that aired in Canadathe show was suddenly taken off the air after episode 22 aired on September 10, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Lan uses CrossFusion to thwart him, but gockman he and MegaMan are bickering, the fusion becomes unstable. Yuri also appears on the island, hoping to steal the data within an ancient relic.

But SavageMan intervenes, burning with dark power, to delete MegaMan. Inside, they meet Axss who is trying to steal minerals. He befriends a Maloko sheep virus, but BubbleMan is causing electrical interference throughout the city in hopes of reviving ShadeMan.

The English version first aired in the United States when Kids’ WB ran “sneak peek” airings of the first episode in November and again in December.

Rockman.EXE Axess Episode 45 Discussion

Nebyura Kichi ” Japanese: Jabajaba Yabai Mizu no Awa! In the end, VideoMan is deleted when Chaud uses electromagnetic waves to destroy VideoMan’s cloning abilities.


Lan has no choice but to perform CrossFusion himself and stop SavageMan.

Lan meets Shuko, an unlucky and unconfident girl. Maylu picks it up, determined to CrossFuse, but she fails. Lan meets Misaki, the first person to test CrossFusion. Yuri, but mistakening Ms. Lan accidentally takes it with him to a museum exhibition on NetCity.

BrightMan is deleted, and the others retreat. Mari for her, he holds her hostage. This page was rockmn edited on 5 Februaryat Lan and Raika have opposing views on the usefulness of CrossFusion, and the two go their separate ways to stop Darkloid VideoMan when he attacks a movie theater.

However, Misaki is overcome with his desire to CrossFuse, and Ms. Dex returns to DenTech City, but he’s very different.

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In the English version, only 45 episodes aired in the United States with an additional episode airing in Canada. However, JunkDataMan is able to rescue the children at the last moment.

During his investigation, Ms. Regal, but Lan intervenes. Anetta is rescued, but Ms.

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