I smell a cliffhanger-y plot twist. Other MacGyver-related News In case you missed it: At the moment, the rerun on December 21 has been scrapped, along with the episode premiere on December It still managed a live-viewers audience of 5. They will air Holiday Specials at 8pm, followed by an episode of Magnum and a rerun of Hawaii Five Luckily, every now and then, someone feels like teasing the fans a bit. Since the Original Show is rated FSK12 meaning 12 years and older here, they cut some scenes that were deemed too violent.

Other countries are gearing up for the Season 3 premiere as well. While the demo-rating dropped to a 0. It had the same demo-rating as Hawaii Five-0 , but more interestingly, it beat Last Man Standing in audience numbers, winning the 8pm time-slot. Guest appearance by Lance Gross Billy Colton. They filmed a car crash and another ballroom gala scene. Otherwise top secret, apparently. This time, we had to wait until Tuesday. Like Danny agrees to marry Mindy after meeting the Lahiris and the timejump to current time-September.

Timeless 3×06: The Tsarevich

Both episodes garnered a demo-rating of 8. They also released 2 Sneak Peeks yesterday. This morning, the crew started filming in the War Room location; for once safe from the hot weather they filmed in all week. Meanwhile, Lucas Till made new friends of the animal kind. MacGyver in Germany The ratings in Germany are still pretty stable. The posts by crew and extras reveal that the heavy schedule is starting to take its toll — after almost 60 days into production, many complain about being tired and post photos of their colleagues taking a nap whenever and wherever possible during breaks.

Magnum PI is at 6. Check out the Press Release here. Even the cameras got to wear a raincoat. Executive Producer and Showrunner Peter Lenkov remains quiet. This could work in their favor; affecting the episode averages for the season. They will air Holiday Specials at 8pm, followed by an episode of Magnum and a rerun of Hawaii Five Grid View List View.


Online or Entertainment Weekly. I would dare to say that no one knows Danny Castellano like that man. I made RenewMindy gifs you can use to tweet and lovingly harass foxtv with!

My count might be a day or two off — but according to my files, they reached Day of filming for Season 3. The upcoming German Episode Titles: You will get spoilered about main characters and storylines prmoo Season 3 by reading this post and its comments or by clicking on the links provided!

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Guest appearance by Lance Gross Billy Colton. I smell a cliffhanger-y minndy twist. So far, this episode has the highest audience number this season. Peter Lenkov finally had found some time to post another team photo during a short break from filming in a junk yard.

So add your favorites in there and vote as many times as you want as long as the categories stay open.

In case you missed the Synopsis: JavaScript is required to view this site. Season 4b or season 5 is them in a marriage.

For now, you can vote as many times as you want. Did fox mess up, or were the scenes with Danny in the office filmed late? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Like Danny agrees to marry Mindy after meeting the 3d06 and the timejump to current time-September. They filmed at an airport and in the streets of Atlanta. Director Carlos Bernard uploaded prject nice team photo while taking a break after filming in the War Room.

You can order either the printed version or a digital copy on their website. Das Wiedersehen literally translated: If you think of more scenes where the texting is clear and can be covered up let me know I will make them as well!

Randomly looking at the promo pics for 3×17 of The Mindy Project, and some of those stills are from weason Cast and Crew are battling harsh conditions this week while filming outside. Other countries are gearing up for projject Season 3 premiere 3×60 well. AXN Asia used Season 2 footage for their teaser trailer ; adding the same poster in a pink color scheme instead.


Otherwise top secret, apparently. Interestingly, there were no sightings of Lucas Till or George Eads in the last 2 days. We do have Press Releases for the first three episodes, though. The Casting Calls imply that one of the locations is a bank in BogotaColombia.

This site uses cookies. This time, we had to wait until Tuesday. On November 8, they released 13 Official Stills.

I kind of think the baby plot is like plot C in the show. Looks like Murdoc got caught again — or he let himself get caught, who knows. BtS photo of Season 3 via Lucas Peoject They also filmed what looked like a car accident and nearby a lake.

Mindy is still thinking about what she wants from Danny during the whole season 3. As expected, it centers around Jack and his old Delta Buddies. Cast swason Crew still mainly rely on temporary videos now without revealing too much, which makes it incredibly difficult to even guess what the storyline could be about. Check out the Official Stills and the Press Release here. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Season 4, I think is definitely about parenting and them actually getting married.

Steven Serna posted photos of a truck in front of green screens.

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