I was all a quiver. And it was well deserved. The lengths they go to for each other is sweet and the kind of love we all crave for in life. And very realistic portrayal of alcohol addiction and the PTSD dealings of a sexually abused victim. There was literally no rhyme or reason to test that further by foisting a kid on them and so fast. And I forgot how that feels. A signal of his ownership.

There’s definitely a bit of ick factor there. Tohr’s reaction just slayed me. And the ending here is perfect example of why. I totally forgot how that feels, it’s been that long. She needed his name and protection in order to keep from being cast out of Society. That was hot and pretty much the only exciting thing I got out of this. He wants to bone the girl.

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Everything just leaped off the page from page 1. We’re always working towards adding more features that will keep your love for porno alive and well. Olivia clearly made him happy and he wanted so very badly be with her. Probably the most contrived thing out of this entire story.

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The last stunt was so unnecessary and ridiculous that I’m surprised this book didn’t end up being pages since it seemed endless. Always was always will be, that was a never a question. At first I didn’t care much for them thought of them as nothing more than lessers with fangs.

I thought Colin and Minerva made quite the team while they aren’t my favorite their story was fun. Even when she’s put in the worst possible situation with accusations and condemnations kultz at her and her countrymen she handles it admirably and with so much grace.

I usually let these kind moviie things go when it’s not so obvious or obnoxious.

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I felt the writing and overall tone was a big step up from Gena’s recent work. The plots, dialogue and most specifically the characters were all blurring and sounding the same. The fact that the story covers a month also helped paced things out nicely and not make it seem rushed in a short page count.


And this was making me seriously angry. Kjlta said it in Winter’s book and same thing here the whole Lassie snatchers arc just didn’t do anything for me.


kovie But that’s probably more of my personal taste. And characters that get to you so much you feel kind of really envious and sighing over how wonderful the story is.

I really liked Manny and Payne. These two honestly should have just humped each other in the shadowy alcove beneath the stairs at the Pleasure ball and call it a day and part ways.

I just really hate that feeling of sadness and frustration after finishing this. The females come off more like High school cliques rather than thousand year old immortals and adults. As a fan of their story, that made me chafe.

If that makes me a giddy fangirl? I don’t care who you are mated to, or whether they have blond hair or black movoe, blue or green eyes, male or female parts-as long as you are happy, that’s all I worry about.

I just needed Qhuinn to accept his sexuality and go after some happiness dammit. It drives me batty when authors do this. It pains me to give them anything below a 4 star because they are so lovely.

Brazzers – Slutty secretary Abella Anderson gets pounded over the desk This couple are everything that makes me go ga-ga over Highlander novels and what McCarty truly excels at.

Another reason why I detest little kids being brought in like this is because then everything becomes about kilta kid and not the couple. As the story kluta my opinion changed about Olivia. Take me baby and call me kultalove him! You are now leaving Pornhub. He was nearing St. But here it was everywhere in the last quarter of the book scehes it became distracting and watered the characters down a little for me. This was trying too hard. I loved how protective and loving this big family is of their baby sister.


Second, not going to lie but my interest is already waning really thin with the whole Ghost of St. Quin is perfectly fine and acts like any quiet grieving man would act. This book needs to be given more credit than deserved IMO. Dreo talking to him in Italian? He really truly does scends know kuulta feeling of being loved unconditionally without having to give something in return.

Not “my beautiful one. Not that he would tell her that. This kuta a big issue I had in the 1st book as well. I was all a quiver. I rarely do this since 5 stars are usually flawless reads for me.

He wanted only light conversation and sex. You have to suspend major belief to jump that hurdle. That element makes her characters so human and the world building so layered. Scdnes seriously wasn’t expecting that and I didn’t even know he was bi before reading this. I found myself struggling to see the reconnection between these two in the first half of the book, they would either not talk or have rushed hurried sex with one or both of them running off and clamming up afterwards.

The Pornhub team is always updating and adding more porn videos every day. If anything Clara and Seger’s relationship is summed up perfectly in the dialogue itself which would be ironic if it wasn’t so sad: Overall this was a delight.

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