You cannot afford to make mistakes on stage because it is a live performance. But on stage, you are your own master. And also we were more fond of the art. The Archers broadcast on Radio 4 is the oldest radio play, now being updated on a daily basis. I used to take part in the annual variety show in school but apart from that I never had any serious exposure to theatre. He was a little sad because he had already done the casting. Professor Sarathchandra then selected me for Maname in which I played the role of Pothe Gura or the narrator and later Vedi king. It was a monotonous desk job and the only redeeming factor was when I used to travel all over the country to conduct traffic awareness programmes in schools.

I consider both Maname and Kuveni as milestones in my stage career. Thursday, August 4, And also we were more fond of the art. You should have it the standard way. I spent most of my childhood in these two villages. Does that mean serious training is now over-the-hill when it comes to a popular drama? What made you quit the Police service? What do you feel about the present local stage productions?

When asked if he is influenced by anyone he couldn’t find right words to respond. I finally ended up at Ananda College, Colombo.

Robinson Andaraya Sinhala 1St Episode | Korale Mahaththaya Sinhala Tele – At

This was staged at the annual drama festival organized by episose Cultural Ministry. When my father used to get transferred to various parts of the country, the family also accompanied him.

Picture by Malan Karunaratne. I was selected as an A-Grade singer of Radio Ceylon. My last station was Police Head Quarters at the Traffic and Information Branch where we used to collect island-wide statistics of all traffic matters.


He was shooting Golu Hadawatha at the time. Apart from that, the ASP under whom I was serving was also instrumental in my leaving. But my parents didn’t want me to become a professional artiste. You should have it the standard way. In cinema, technology can do wonders. If you are given a choice between the stage and the silver screen, what would be your choice?

In I had my first stage appearance in Ajasaththa and acted a few minor roles in a couple of films. Meeting Lester James Peries.

It is purely my in-born talent! One koraale his radio plays Muwanpelessa in enjoyed a 80 percent audience of the then population. Amateur artistes make a leap into the performance business with no radio experience.

By Randima Attygalle – The Nation. No channel or teledrama today enjoys such a privilege however good they may be. That half-an-hour slot will be a bliss, one can never know. Someday in January,Waraks will complete 50 years in his artistic career. I spent most of my childhood in these two villages. I lorale both Maname and Kuveni as milestones in my stage career. Waraks doesn’t shake hands with this theory. Muwanpelessa initially scripted by Mudalinayaka Somaratne is ranked as the second in the world, while it is the first in Asia.

Wijerathna Warakagoda – Korale Mahaththaya

They pursued me to do a pensionable job. Even later on, my professional career as an artiste began as a singer. Teledrama, very much unlike radio drama, now seems to be instant entertainment. For some reason I think radio performance is much more serious than TV presentation. Can you shed light upon your other stage appearances?

Smiling By the time I quit the Police service, I had some exposure both as a singer and an actor. Can you tell us about your childhood? In five decades to come, slow but steady Warakagoda would build up his versatile personality: Thursday, August 4, In 60s and 70s, stage was booming in Sri Lanka. Even when the TV made its way in, he was one indefatigable performer cum narrator.


Wijerathna Warakagoda – Korale Mahaththaya

Despite serious training like voice modulation, some teledramas still appeal to a good deal of audience. Immediately after this audition, I was selected as a drama artiste at Radio Ceylon, a field I am engaged in to date!

That expanded into stage a swell as silver screen. My first station was Pettah.

What made you quit the Police service? But on stage, you are your own master. Your life should be Police, nothing but Police. The artistes who were involved in this programme identified some talent in me and wanted me to face an audition for Sarala Gee. I joined the Police service in and I served it for eight years as a Sub- Inspector. You may forget a previous episode involuntarily, mainly because you have so many channels to watch.

Wife Chitra performs in films and teledramas, daughter Vindya in dancing and son Jananath in music. I used to receive a lot of awards at the school prize giving for my achievements as a soprano and I used to sing in the choir of St. The Wijeratne Warakagoda profile.

Waraks is not pleased in the least of the present-day teledrama industry. Always better do something with at least a little learning rather than nothing at all.

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