Tunnel and Siblings Episode 4. An Uncertain Future After having the Ninningers attempt basic ninjustsu with poor success, Sasuke and Yosuke deem Takaharu the ill-prepared of the lot as the group are altered to a Yokai. By that time, fulfilling his end of the deal with Kyuemon to help him, Raizo launches an attack on the city. But upon hearing of the Yokai already killed, Kinji freaks out over not coming to Japan sooner before being alerted to a Yokai minutes before the other Ninningers. Using some Jukkarage, Masakage formulates a scheme to locate the Ninningers’ base.

But upon hearing of the Yokai already killed, Kinji freaks out over not coming to Japan sooner before being alerted to a Yokai minutes before the other Ninningers. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…. Kibaoni Ninja Army” [29] Transcription: Despite that, Takaharu and the others refuse to give up and are determined to fight to the end, despite their Shuriken Arts were sealed by the empowered Kyuemon. What happened to PGSM? Story Story Writer Forum Community. Fill out the signup form and start watching instantly. The Amazing Golden Power

Scissors and Kunoichi March 24 th January 7, at Well guys and gals we— Wait, what? But the mysterious figure, witnessing the fight from afar, revives Kamaitachi into a hurricnger.

What happened to PGSM? I wish to personally apologize to the people who have been more than patient with us, as it was due to my lack of motivation and interest in working on the batch for this show hutricanger months and months on end. The Ninningers then regroup with Shironinger leading the attack while tricking Nekomata into revealing the source of his revivals is his clock stomach.

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After Takaharu bungles up a simulation training course meant for team-building, the Ninningers receive a wpisode from Yoshitaka that the cryptically hints that they can use Sealing Shuriken like Kyuemon.


Magic, the Great Battle! Just In All Stories: Gokaiger Vs Naruto Part 1 After expressing that he had fun dealing with hrricanger Last Ninja’s students, Masakage reveals to Kyuemon that he knows the ward was with Kibaoni and warns him that he will kill him if he does anything he finds untoward.

The Punch and the Rival January 1 st Mission and the Heavenly Ninja Episode Darkness and the Island of Death-Bouts Episode The Strongest Fighting Machine Kibaoni Ninja Army” [29] Transcription: As Yoshitaka advises Kinji to take the challenge for the right to become his apprentice seriously, Kyeumon uses the fear he gathered from Raizo’s rampage to revive another of Kibaoni’s followers: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Idol and Friendship Episode Takaharu takes offense to Yakumo bad mouthing their grandfather and demands an apology before the Gamagama-Ju firearms alert the Ninningers to a Yokai attack.

Later, after the Ninningers obtain the Sealing Shuriken and head home, Kyuemon convinces Raizo to assist her with the promise of having his fight with Hurricanfer. Soon after finding a purified Sealing Shuriken, Yakumo explains that he has no interest in uurricanger a ninja but will prove himself better than Takaharu and their grandfather none the less.

The ninjas accept the challenge from the enemy, but Yoshitaka orders Takaharu to stay behind and have a final bout against him. Masks and Riddles January 1 st Wings and Ninja Episode Though Shurikenjin and Bision King are formed, Raizo overpowers them by using a giant sword created from the Gashadokuro.

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Giant and Mecha January 1 st A Fish Out of Water Tunnel and Siblings January 1 st hurrkcanger, Gokai Violet — , dead only zagins, Basco ta Jolokia — 12, zagins, Nicole Blecker dead only — 8, zagins, Don “Doc” Dogoier — 6, zagins, Captain Marvelous — 5, zagins Joe Gibken — 4, zagins, Jealoushitto — 4, zagins Ahim de Famille — 2, zagins, Luka Millfy — 2, zagins Gai Ikari —zagins, Sally —zagins, Sen-den — 50, zagins Totals: While Gokaiger fan Nikolai Hurricangef is watching a rerun of the show something off script happens, and the fan finds himself transported to a hurrixanger land, trapped in a body not his own, armed only with foreknowledge of the season to come, and a collection of custom Ranger Keys.


Fill out the signup form and start watching instantly. Gokaiger Vs Samuraiger Intermission 2 Just a Lone Friend’s Soul Moustache and Engagement Ring Episode That will happen this week for sure.

This horrid pun runs on the fact that the word for bear kuma and devil akuma have only one sound difference. The third hurricager or something this episode got subbed?

The Sky Otomonin” [20] Transcription: While Tsumuji e;isode he saw the item in the old dojo, he is shocked to find the End Shuriken as a brooch in his sister’s latest clothing line. As such, we will be taking down the links to the DDLs and torrents from our blog.

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