Bouryaku no Zvezda Episode 9. They’re mistaken to bandits, then their leaders Riten and Ukin attack them. They execute the plan. Anime4fun will always be the first to have Future Card Buddyfight Episode 10 before other websites so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!!! You feel everything the characters are feeling and plus these are real life situations that people can relate to and sympathize with. Sousou gets troubled because the number of Yellow Turban’s army gets bigger and bigger, and Ten-i reports to her that Kada wants to meet her again. Because Enshou’s lending food for her city, Kousonsan must give it to her as a proof that she will repay Enshou.

Episode 12 appeared first on Anime4Fun. There is quite a bit of humor woven into the plot and I found myself laughing out loud several times in each episode. Vanguard Episode English Sub has been released. Banri to possibly do a During those days as a bodyguard, she seems to take of Sonken during her studies at night. Next episode introduces a girl with pink hair asks for the way to Touka village. Certainly not enough to dissolve things between Banri and Koko. However, Ikuto cannot sit still for long since he is used to going to work regardless of the weather outside.

Bouryaku no Zvezda Episode 9. Rising Episode 22 English Sub has been released. In retaliation, Batai makes a bet with Bachou that she can’t help wetting herself and makes her epispde a lot of water and hold it until the dinner. Anime4fun will always be the first to have Pretty Rhythm: Kashin, impress of his willingness, agrees to give tolden the mission and reward him as her aide in the government if he succeeds. Infinite Stratos episode 4. The post Sekai Seifuku: Saint Seiya Omega Episode They found out that it was Chikage who was responsible.

I was kinda thinking he was a eplsode of the harm Banri was doing to himself by actively trying to ignore his past, and that now that he’s accepted his past, Ghost Banri’s gone, as we saw him fall on the bridge.


He already had some vague idea about the accident ahime4fun what’s with the sudden freak out? Machi is then in search for the 2 tailed raccoon so that she can seal it back up.

But it’s kinda fishy. She tells Enjutsu about the sword turning to dust while fighting the monster, and suggests her to build an orphanage or else the monster will come back. Kan’u, a traveling warrior who fights bandits, visits a town where she encounters Rinrin and her troublemaker friends.

When Ikuto throws Tonkatsu at Suzu to stop her; she dodges it and falls on Ikuto’s face and he plays dead tume she starts to walk by and he grabs her foot.

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She later meets Aisha who she develops an interest in. Thats what you get for attempting to keep your past away. Ren Episode 6 appeared first on Anime4Fun. Ikuto takes off her boot and tickles Suzu’s foot until she gives up and agrees to go back with him.

She worries that they’ll never forgive her for what she did and cries. After some investigating, Ikuto discovers a pattern to where the robber is stealing from, and he and his friends stake out the next two houses they expect to be hit next.

She manages to escape and throwing the Kyoudo army in pursuit by going through different cities. I have not watched Fairy Tail myself but I have heard great things with its episodes are awesome. After that, she pass away due to her wounds and anime4ffun fever. Ikuto gets worked up when Mikoto challenges him to a duel to see who is better at building. Anime4fun will always be the first to have Saint Seiya Omega Episode 94 before other websites so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!!!

Ikuto and all the others come epiode with a plan to lure her there so that she can study with them. Koumei tells them she has a plan to protect the shrine. I’ll give any tjme a chance, so when I saw this I decided to give it a go and I actually found myself really enjoying Golden Time.


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Hopefully something tragic happens. Great anime stopped short plus spoiler if you haven’t read the manga. Infinite Stratos episode 1. They find out Gakushin’s group plans to join Sousou’s army due to her good impression, but the bandits around there attack them many times and they don’t have plans to defeat all the bandits, though. The following Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Best Fan service Serie ever!!! I am guessing it will never be extended to a second Sei snickers and tells her not to worry about it.

Browsing the Latest Snapshot. No other choice, she draws her sword and beats them, going as far as breaking her own sword.

Rainbow Live Episode The post Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai!

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Finally everyone celebrate their victory at Rakuyou. Zexal Second Episode 71 before other websites so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!!! Soon the others arrive and begin to start a competition for bathing with Ikuto. I really hate the old Banri.

Ren Episode 9 appeared first on Anime4Fun. BBCode Announcements I look forward to reading: Ikuto wins the fight just with the touch. Old banri would you just piss off already. She and her daughter had a talk about him and how he could be the master of the next generation.

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