With references to sex, condoms and kisses, what was Khwahish doing on a family viewing medium at prime time? Even he allowed me to do it as I was a senior artiste. Kangana Ranaut thanks PM Narendra Modi for taking decisive action, says ‘our fight against terrorism has begun’. When we met professionally, we just hit it off and have a great comfort level. Sansui Antakashari — The age-old singing game show played among friends, got widespread appeal when it was showcased as a game-show on television for the first time on Zee TV. What was it doing on the family-viewing medium at primetime? I used to bring lunch, which everybody used to eat, but what Ratna would bring nobody would eat. I had gone to Houston in February and four of us had lunch at a hotel.

At that time we were not into acting, but we knew each other. Considered to be primarily a comedian, he has portrayed various roles in his career throughout the s, s and s, starting with his first movie Arvind Desai Ki Ajeeb Dastaan in There were times when I used to interfere in the dialogue of some serials that I did like Filmi Chakkar. Zee TV created a splash in satellite entertainment landscape in the 90s with programs that made people sit up and take note. This was a far cry from today where recipes are dime-a-dozen on YouTube. In a way, the idea to tweak the initial concept became a boon, as it gave us actors the opportunity to do something we had not attempted before. Sanjay was very enthusiastic and would put all the punches in one scene.

Sanjay Chhel scripted Filmi Chakkar.

“In comedy, you need to be precise. That’s hard work,” says Ratna Pathak Shah

When situations demanded, we would sing the songs and act out scenes from movies, instead of spending on acquiring those clips. Yes, though we have just bounced the idea. The protagonist Noor is no more.

Apart from his successful career in Bollywood, he has also appeared in television shows such as and also judged the popular laughter contest. In spite of tough competition from popular shows of that genre like Superhit Muqabla and BPL Oye on Channel V, Phillips Top 10 was a topper alright, thanks to some fabulous hosting by Satish Shah, who at that time, was the highest earning anchor on television.


Prakash and Rukmani became the Sarabhais when they got rich.

It could have easily gone into the zone of buffoonery, but he did it so seriously. I still admire Shyam Ramsay as a director. Whatever I got associated with on TV became my responsibility. When we met professionally, we just hit it off and have a great comfort level. The serial has trickled from Indian shores to Europe and America where it is popular. Among dramas mom followed was Amanat, which is probably where the bigass-family-drama-serial trend began. Manish Goswami’s Kittie Party on Zee has put the death of Poonam Dhillion the lady wanted out behind it, and is trotting through some very real, very urban problems.

We Indians need drama in everything, all our emotions are magnified. It is not needed at all.

Filmi Chakkar Serial Cast – caddylost

Zee Horror Show — Zee Horror Show aired at 11 PM made you reach for the bed-sheet, so that you could wool it around your eyes to shield yourself from the gore. The best thing about Sarabhai was all the characters were important — adrak, mirchi, nimbu milake ganne ka juice gahazab ka hota hai — and all of us gelled well together. How did it impact you as an actor?

Even with a good performance, Deepti Naval seems grossly fipmi in her comeback TV serial ‘Mukammal’ What a pity to see the grossly shortchanged Deepti Naval’s return to the small screen – after Thoda Sa Aasman on DD where her real life soulmate, the late Vinod Pandit had played her husband and Tanaav on Zee in which she had her own toyboy played by Parvin Dabas – being so chxkkar mauled.

Amanat — Amanat was satisn of the longest running TV soap operas aired on Zee and ran successfully from e;isodes Thus, often the script that would come to us was unusable. Those writers were different. I believe that if a person finds a comfort level in front of the camera, nobody can stop him.


The show had solid characterizations for all the four women in it, who had their own shares of professional and personal problems. When they left I told my wife Madhuthey have just described to me what I am in real life! It remains the highest rated show on Indian television — at one point, it had shzh 48 TRPs!

I did Ramsay films, I was new and it was an experiment, even vulgarity was there. Madhavan and Sandhya Mridul.

Let me tell you something, we did sxtish serial as a weekly. But that did not take away from the fact that you would still sit up and happens next.

Old Zee TV Serials from the 90s – Don’t You Miss Them?

Satisy dono screen par aate the toh really husband-wife ki tarah the. What was it doing on the family-viewing medium at primetime? I took a strong objection to some episodes in Comedy Circus too, but people felt I was being khadoos. It was the first failure of my career on TV. He is now set to return with a web series.

All the shows I have done so far have been weeklies. Sahara Manoranjan’s Mukammal has good performances. Last week’s episode was a harrowing banshee of mourners as Noor’s body was taken away for burial. Later, the show was re-run as a daily.

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Ah, the infamous casting couch undergoes a gender reversal! Tara — Aired inthis was the first ever contemporary soap opera on urban Indian women. Maybe, I belong to a different genre or generation. Every channel, including the homespun Doordarshan, which telecast the almost-new Chori Chori this week, is screening films that are less than a year old.

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