Gustav, being a resident on Berk, wll also not be around, unless if they decide to put any of them as a cameo Picture number 9 made me look twice. And these baby Thunderdrums are adorable: Only Stoick who wears a helmet like that. HideousZippleback February 19, at 4: Haven’t watch the next ep preview yet but I know you definitely says all the truth about everyone’s responds. And before that, we had the equally amazing Riders of Berk and Defende

Cast Out Part I Episode They out did themselves on this one. Cast Out Part II. Pettersson February 23, at 2: Dang, I think the season finally is going to be epic. I’m looking forward to it even more than I already was now.

HideousZippleback February 20, at I also thought the music was spot on. I couldn’t stop laughing either.

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The Flight Stuff Heirheads Episode Lindsey Rapisarda February 19, at 9: He is so powerful and awesome, and I always thought Thinderdrums were awesome Hello people they blast your heads off with sound How freaking awesome is that?

Thornado says his good byes but turns back as he is flying away, because rogue dragons are attacking them! And that he really cared for thornado. Finally, as the dragons come in to attack again, Stoick gets off Thornado and tells him that he “Has to do what any chief. SplashyTheThunderdrum February 20, at 2: I’ll take a look around for it. I knew what was going to happen but it still pulled at my heart strings.


Riley Ulrey February 20, at Smoke Gets your in your Eyes Episode Scorpion February 24, at 6: Only Stoick who wears a helmet like that. But he didn’t lose his temper enough to actually expel Snotlout from the academy.

But I read somewhere that there’s gonna be more on her in defenders of berk. Five years ago, inspired by the “dragons, dragons dragons! You’ll get along better with Ice Dragons and Wind Dragons, but your really don’t seem to get along with Eletric Dargons Riley Ulrey February 19, at 8: Wow, what a change.

Berk’s New Riders: Dragons: Defenders of Berk Episodes/ Riders of Berk Episodes

FYKe February 20, at 8: Race to the Edge on Netflix June XD They created an orchestra of burping Bom. ValkrieViking February 25, at 9: CatherineDesbiens February 22, at 5: They have been through quite a bit together and I thought the way the creators made them say farewell was so nice and touching, it seemed to truly let the viewer reminisce over everything in previous shows.


I’ve seen rumors on here that Hiccup’s mom possibly not by name might be brought up in some capacity in one of the remaining episodes. I remember that episode.

Bing! Bang! Boom!

It has to be the saddest moment in the whole show. The plot played out pretty much exactly like we all expected culminating with a farewell for Thornado.

And even better that thornado was in most of it and as the lead dragon for a change. The Flight Stuff Heirheads. That’s what I’ve asked for at length recently, so I’m pleased to finally see it. Season finale preview here http: They r 81 over Astrid soooooo bad.

Thunderdrum February 22, at 5: Don’t tell me, Stoic makes the same mistake as Fishlegs and Thornado turned out to be a girl and these are her children? The machine proved to be able to capture sounds from quite a distance off.

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