Were other labels reaching out after you dropped Big Bossin Vol. We knew we had to keep it going, and once we dropped Big Bossin Vol. He was with us when we had the deal with Jeezy, and he just always saw something in me and liked what me and Cardo was doing. I like to call that attention deficit disorder Payroll: I mean, Detroit has its own unique sound. The thing that makes Detroit music scene so unique, is artist like Babyface Ray Doughboy Clay] It’s ghetto gold Yeah nigga, it’s in my history In the D, yeah nigga we run the streets run the streets It’s just ghetto gold Fucking hoes, getting money ain’t shit to me Foreign whips, big ass cribs it’s like we living in a fantasy It’s just ghetto gold [Verse 2:

Detroit is raw and uncut, which is why the music is explicit and should Stay focused on your grind. You know, like you getting a couple dollars. Taylor Greer February 20, Were other labels reaching out after you dropped Big Bossin Vol. Yeah, it was a couple of labels reaching out.

How did that effect you and how did that impact your music? Payface dropped; Helluva and I put that together which had a big impact on the streets. They not focused, they out of their mind, and that shit costs people their life. We knew we had to keep it going, and once we dropped Big Bossin Vol.

Payroll Giovanni talks Def Jam deal, Big Bossin 2 with Cardo, Doughboy Roc’s death and much more

I just feel like that what I was put here for — to make sure people around me cashput good and to make sure they people is good. Payroll da truth… he talk about da losses as well as da profits… anybody will tell you losses is what makes a man…. AZ App Follow us on: Were other labels reaching out after you dropped Big Bossin Vol.


Really, it was my guy Steve-O [Steve Carless]. Because fans are always wanting something new. I probably would have approached it different if I would have known that, but people still loved it. And you can expect a lot of big shit. January 20, Reply. I be listening to a lot of old school shit, but the younger artists I be listening to is like dudes from Baltimore: Features Payroll Giovanni talks Def Jam A lot of rappers on social media show their every move — flashing money on the phone, etc, However, you seem more reserved.

Can you recap the year for us?

Detroit is raw and uncut, which doughbyoz why the music is explicit and should Being iced up or popping bottles in the club, that has nothing to do with being a boss.

Do you do any drugs?

From that, you ended up inking your deal with Def Jam, How did that come about and who put that together? Who is Payroll listening to? Caashout did the whole tape in about two weeks. No Deal On Chill.

‎No Deal on Chill by Doughboyz Cashout on Apple Music

I still have the freedom of independence to do Payroll Giovanni. Like no matter what I got going on, me and Helluva always seem to link up and do couple records and whatever. Now Big Bossin Vol. With that being your first project with Cardo, did you guys already know that you were going to be working on a second project? Can you speak on your relationship with Jeezy a little more in-depth?


It feels good, you know. I would probably say the Day in A Life short film.

Doughboyx Greer February 20, Cashoyt can still do DoughBoyz Cashout albums and all that. So we have Jeezy on the album are nk any other features? I had a few deals on the floor, but I just wanted to pick which one was the best situation and made the most sense, and Def Jam was most defiantly the one. But my intentions was to keep dropping every month. Are we gonna get a part two of a Day In A Life? So I just had to walk that path. Kiddo] VVS is on my neck, got your bitch smiling Later on that neck, I fucked her on a pound of thousands Niggas hating, they can’t take it but they hoes hound it Taking trips to ATL, [?

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