I’ve heard both that the contract is renewed every year and that when they first signed up, they agreed to six seasons–I’m not sure which is true. Fox from Girls, actress Lena Dunham. Also, Dave helps Tom Hanks shave a beard he grew on vacation. Episode – Show John Mayall sits in Dave comments on his much scrutinized performance as host of last weeks Academy Awards. The mothers and the coach may bump heads, but there’s still respect plus there’s no playing favorites at the expense of another child getting a chance to shine. This show is way better and i love the parent’s personalities ecspecially JJ’s lol.

There’s something called contracts, they have one with Lifetime for 6 seasons and another with Abby that they renew every year. The Baby Dolls have spunk lol. Episode – Show Dave calls up Dick Assman Ray Liotta arrives onstage riding a baby elephant, and later he makes a bogus appearance with Paul in the controversial new movie Kids. The physical altercation got Kelly out of her contract after she tried before in vain. Later, Dave checks his temperature I haven’t watched Dance Moms in ages

Oh that infuriated me. Someone should’ve laid Abby’s ass out already cause she treats them worse than professional dancers tbh. Episode – Show Dave invites both a cabbie and an audience member to jump into a rooftop swimming pool. They were so bland. The Baby Dolls have spunk lol. All of the confession images and graphics on this site have been put together by our hard working rance, please do not steal them or claim them as your own.

Also, Dave chats with a man whose dog ran away, then found his pet on the opposite side of the country. These girls are so talented.

There’s something sezson contracts, they have one with Lifetime for 6 seasons and another with Abby that they renew every year.

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Dance Moms Confessions

Episode 63 – Show Episode 64 – Show One of tonights cue cards goes to a garbage truck outside in the latest edition of Rupert and Me, Dave radios strange comments to Rupert, which are then repeated out loud to annoyed passers by Nicholas Turturro sings My Way Michael Keaton gets arrested for shoplifting at Hello Deli. Later, Sonny Bono signs to Calverts upstart record company.


Season 20 Episode 61 – Dr. The submission box is currently: This show is way better and i love the parent’s personalities ecspecially JJ’s lol.

I had no idea this kind of dance competition existed, so it’s new and exciting. DMDance Momsdance moms confessionsALDCabby lee dance companyabby lee millerchloe lukasiakkendall vertesmaddie zieglermackenzie zieglernia frazierJun 6th, Author: Episode – Show The giant flying rat dons a sombrero Dave leaves the show early to marry Drew Barrymore a man gets kicked in the face by a racehorse Dave and Paul go supermarket shopping. The first two miss their mark the third makes it but destroys the tub.

Did the Hylands wish Kenzie a happy birthday? We are not currently looking for new admins, but check back soon! Episode – Show A woman in the audience bakes cookies for everyone Conan OBrien appears in Daves latest Oscar related dream Dave gets his toupee dry cleaned.

Episode – Show Stephen Stills sits in Dave attends a recent President Clinton press conference basketball star party animal Dennis Rodman comments on his recent antics. Shortly after his interview, Mike Myers joins the crowd. Episode – Show Dave says hello to viewers in France and Italy in their respective native tongues during May We See Your Photos, Please Dave demands to see photos of meat or nudity Penn and Teller perform one of their trademark dangerous stunts.

DD were in those girl’s territory so obviously the judges were on their side even though they sucked Episode – Show Episode – Show Dave sends three members from the audience to go to a nearby movie theater to videotape some clips from Pulp Fiction.

I’m like omg stop. Episode 15 joms Show Dave comments on Robbie Kondor a car alarm goes off outside the theater, so Dave goes outside and bombs the offending car Chuck Berry sings Johnny B. Frustrated, Dave dips the receiver into his coffee.

Episode – Show Dave demonstrates a triple pencil flip Rupert finds one of Daves blue cards attached to Mary Tyler Moores backside Dave shows old footage of Andy Kaufman dancing with a giant snake.

Season 20 Episode 85 – Harry Connick, Jr. Episode – Show Paul decides to have plastic surgery, then wakes up from the procedure with a conehead Dave shows a clip of Pakistans 1 sitcom, Seinjibur Hugh Grant promotes Nine Months.


Episode 17 – Show Episode 18 – Show An audience member gives Dave a tiny pair of pants Gavin MacLeod pops in several times, interrupting the monologue and presenting the Top Ten.

I just started watching it so idk most of their names. The show is edited that even when Chloe wins, they don’t show it. Kelly had stopped taking Brooke and Paige to the dance studio some time ago, but because she was still under contract, they still had to show up and film the show.

Also, Dolly Parton presents the Top Ten. Abby has also stated that she wanted to dacne Christi out of her studio and off the show a long time ago, but couldn’t because of the Lifetime contract. Episode – Show Dave claims that the chairman of Westinghouse has agreed to fight him. Reply Parent Thread Link.

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Dance Moms Season 2, Episode 18 Recap: “I Would Like a Glass of Water and a Cosmopolitan”

I’m just saying that Kelly and Christi and any of the other moms could have dealt with the problem early on. I hate how this show has become the Maddie and Mackenzie Show.

This show is 10x better than Dance Moms. By the end of the show, they are all wearing identical sweaters and khakis. The only people who call are CBS employees who have access to a live feed in their offices. Episode – Show Dave and Paul leave the show early to go over to Madison Square Garden for the circus, where they run into an acrobat bearing a strong resemblance to Calvert the flying rat attacks Dan Rather, and is later seen as a guest on Nightline Dave and Felecia waltz.

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