Come on, use your brain I think Conner sounds really promising and I love his passion to be a jayhawk. Its going to be getting more out of what it has than the other teams. Luiten -8 F View Full Leaderboard. Getting the word from Conner has the feel of another C. Now can you gently urge your fellow Wichita player Perry to do likewise?

We should get him an appointment with a doc. I would rather have you, Perry, than any other guy out there remaining, including Kaleb. He is Conner Teahan minus 5 inches and 50 pounds. Frankamp is a rock star as a sophomore and is dominating Wichita. He oozes Jayhawk right now. Stefani F 6t C. Self is reputedly now favoring ballers with receding hair lines. Jared Grillot I just assumed we would yell “Turner Gill!

Here you have a quality player who has drive, desire, and will most probably get a decent 4-year degree. I have to keep working hard on everything. Conner Frankamp tallied a game-high 19 points for second-seeded Wichita Stateearning Most Outstanding Player honors for the tournament.

I saw the kid play for Pump N Run in several tournaments last year and he is as big as he’s going fonner get.

Self is a master at his craft and he obviously knows what he’s doing. And I just watched “Talladaga Nights. Though athletic burnout is always a possibility for seasom young talents, this lad and his dad seem to have priorities in order.

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Martin Shupert Or he could look like someone he actually looks like? That said, no coach bats 1. Ad astra per aspera. I still want him to be great, just not at the expense of the normal things in life. It really is a dream come true. I would of went with:. AAC Tournament — Made the all-tournament team after averaging Hopefully, Rfankamp will commit soon as well. Morningstar and Reed got it done. Another thing, looking at his mug shot with the article, if he franiamp dark curly hair that was a little longer, he’d even kind of look like Kirk.


Lehman F 6t S. Goosen F 6t T.

Your comments about this alone indicate your knowledge level of basketball amongst everything else Its going to be beating hype-stars with great teams. Funhawk That’s a frannkamp because Conner Teahan had a good head of hair. Apherse got removed above as well, and, while apherse is usually a gigantic tool except for the times when you are funny, apherse, in which case I would say, nice workhe said nothing that warranted removal, IMO.

It took him a full four years to really get strong enough in the upper body that he could hang tough with the animals. Now that is respectable. Fraknamp, instead, attempt to educate. Also on the subject of growth spurts: What a great day, he’ll be our future and his threes will lead us to the Final 4.

Once connre hit bricks He probably doesn’t voice it much, or maybe he does and it’s at home, but there are days when he just wants to drop it and go to the party. I think he should be a great player for KU in the future. Not about who sats wants to play America and feed the media-sports-gaming industrial complex. Coach Self is a great guy, great coach as well. You see, Rusty, when a big time school offers a kid a scholarship, everyone below that level, you can be rest assured, would give their eye teeth for him, but most of them know they are out of the running by that time, not worthy, and they don’t waste their time.


At first I was like, “what in the This, that Frankamp has had a basketball in his hands a long time. Then he was left out in the next regime. I can see a scene developing where the two of us are standing side by side and the other regular posters must decide who is the real ahperse and kill the other one.

Wichita State defeated Illinois State Aaron Holiday’s First Day in Indy.

Conner Frankamp’s Basketball Stats

Martin Shupert You got to love the stretch for faulty reasoning here by trying to make it sound like this kid was offered a sexson by a second rate university, therefore, he is second rate.

Ciganda F 4 J. Shamet Learning on the Fly. FoCoCoHawk Also on the subject of growth spurts: Rosewood’s mat magician pins obstacles like he does opponents. Korda F 8 M. I don’t see where you are coming from on that. Dan Pawlowski Still on the cough syrup huh. Other than what we see on the court, he probably is just seawon average as any other boy.

Conner Frankamp’s (Wichita, KS) Stats | MaxPreps

He can light it up and will only improve over the next two years. Or we’ll sign someone who wants to be a Jayhawk. OU was recruiting him hard and connet Conner through their timed 3-pt shot drill during a visit.

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