I can’t wait to see what happens next. He’s been pretty much the only voice of reason with Tenzin away, and it shows. It’d be pretty random if Sokka was there. I hope he has something bigger planned then just in it for the money. I had the widest smile on my face when I saw Iroh: Well, it wouldn’t have made sense if that happened. The final battle was great, Wan manipulating all of the elements looked fantastic.

Looked like a random island. When Aang entered the Avatar state he became a force of mass destruction that could crush small armies and easily defeat a comet empowered firebender who was the strongest person in the series aside from possibly Iroh. Lives can’t be weighed like that. And what would season 3 even contain? Mako, who got you thrown in jail?! Finally got around to watching this and wasn’t impressed. I think the Fire Lord are more pull than some newly created president.

Actions are weighed by intention. Varrick is made of awesome. I wonder what this means for Iroh if the spirit world is now connected to the physical world.

So is Verrick a good guy?

Bolin is fodder at this point and metal bending is basically the only form of earthbending we see. I wonder if the White Lotus will come into play later. She did what she felt was right, regardless of whether or not it was the right thing.

Yea hte looks real pissed, its clearly a personal matter. I guess now she has to enter through the northern portal since the southern is far too guarded for her to make it in. I don’t think Aang was a bad father as much as just being overwhelmed with the stuff he had to do. It’s just the chances he gets to fight are few and far between.

Agatar would be pretty interesting. Avatar Wan’s story is Book 2’s only saving grace. Even though it hurt the epusode close to him he notified the president about that shitty plan. Yeah, the Avatar should prioritize the fate of the Earth over one of her friends. All that aside, I am very, VERY glad that Varick turned out to be a villain because the things he was getting them all to do were not sitting well with me.


legend of korra: book 2 (episode 11-12) watch/discussion post

ani,eultima I mean, it’s kind of understandable what Asami did – going from being in a committed relationship with someone and then seeing them with one of your best friends shortly after. The twins’ awkward laugh was pretty funny, the male kind of reminds me of Android Those mafia skills are rubbing off on u man.

I am too sleepy to look for it now, but it was on youtube epiwode time ago.

Thanks for starting a war. Oddly enough Legenv used to dislike Mako but this season he has gotten better. Certainly has nothing on the original series. No character has really stood out as my favourite just yet, like Toph did in L. I mean like a multi Shadow clones of te past avatar using the avatrar state That would be awful.

The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra [Archive] – Page 3 – The Millennium Forums

Animation and tne is good and the plot so far is alright. I’d like to think the thing with Bei Fong is partly due to Mako’s xnimeultima, instead of approaching her in her free time he barged in on her in a meeting with the president and then later when she was in interrogation. I don’t blame her at all for letting some of her aniimeultima feelings for Mako pop up now that he broke up with Korra.

Ok that is good that Zuko is alive Im not sure if he has been the impressive, he looks pretty inferior when compared to his brother mako who is decent.

So instead of doing it himself, he is sending his children to hunt the Avatar, where have I see that before? It would be cool if Iroh somehow managed to preserve his body and he comes back to the human world.

I have not been liking anything about her character this season The portals were originally closed and Vaatu, the personification of evil itself, is the only reason they were ever open. Korra was a little bit redeemed, the family moments were a nice touch. Season 2 is shit. Good to see some old faces this episode too. I think the Avatar world is a lot more interesting now the portals are kept open and the world has to mature a bit.


Is this on par with first season so far? Not sure if this was intentional or not but considering the avatar is one with Raava when they enter the avatar state, perhaps there should be the equivalent for Vaato entering another human. It would be awesome if she’s still rotting in her cell Joker style and breaks out.

Its also possible the Lion Turtles simply removed the pre-existing ability to bend from the tribes. I guess that slipped my mind while trying to understand Pacific Rim Unalaq, gigantic blue Korra, and whatever Jinora did. The avatar state has been incredibly toned down, so it’s not as bad as it could have been.

People developing an art and philosophy by studying and applying what they observe in nature is better than a turtle god genie-ing them magic powers. Worst Avatar we’ve met so far by far. The origins of the Avatar cycle is disappointing at best: Yea it is pretty clear that it has been toned down along with bending as a whole when comparing LoK to the last air bender. One of the many things that made me cringe during the finale was how she basically blamed their current situation on Wan’s decision to close the portals 10, years ago.

I think its pretty fitting for the series that retconned the nature of the avatar into something so shitty should have an avatar equally as shitty. Lion Turtles have the ability to give bending, and instilled the ability to learn into the various nations as well as the bending animals. It looked like he was onto Mako during that last scene.

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