A tall man, he will be as a sheltering buttress; Prosperous he will be as a well-laden branch that gives shade The married man must go, when he is bid And halt, when he is forbid. The Gymnosperms of the Malay Peninsula, by H. Di-kenbangkan dari sa-orang ka-sa-orang Ia-itu sa-bentok chinchin bertanya. Ka-laut adat Dato J Temenggong: To pay debts and receive dues Is the business of a man’s wife’s family. In Arabic it means, “land-tax,” and that fits the context ‘exactly. When custom does not obstruct.

Corresponding Members may, on the recommendation of two Members of the Council, be elected by a majority of the Council, in recognition of services rendered to any Scientific institution in British Malaya, or to Science generally in British Malaya. Pilens and stipe brick red, quite smooth, and opaque; hymenium yellow, surface next stipe rather deeply sinuate; stipe shallowly reti- culate-fibrillose above; flesh of pileus pale yel- low, of stipe bright yellow becoming reddish on exposure; pileus 4 — 9 cm. Winstedt 49 Some Perak Pedigrees, by R. Colored drawings alone will not suffice, since many clearly diagnostic characters cannot be Jour. Hand-list of the Birds of Borneo, by J. They regarded its flesh as edible, though it brought ill luck to those who ate it. The Annamite name of the animal is “con de nui ” which really signifies ” wild horse.

Cemetery 1 12 Ramus, Ch. Patah tumboh ‘when an officer dies, a successor must be chosen’ is adat mansiang: Eeligious law is the offspring of covenant, Customary law also the offspring of covenant.

Flesh changing to blue on bruising ; pileus deeply squar- rose, purple scaly, exposing lines of yellow tissue beneath ; hymenium sordid yellowish ; stipe umber brown, smooth ; flesh of pileus above yellow, below and of stipe, cream colored, darkening on exposure; pileus 3. Masa itu terhutang-lali orang semanda, Petang mengandaugkan, Pagi melepaskan ; Di-jaga ayam?

Masters of Spinjitzu Season 1!. Felix — some three miles south of the Fort — was attacked by a band of natives who overpowered the guard, then entered the room where Parr lay 7-78 and decapitated him, in an attempt to defend him his wife and secretary Murray were wounded, but no attempt Was made on their lives nor on the lives of other inhabitants of Bencoolen.


It drank readily, but refused harmiau feed although it was offered leaves and grass from the ful specially gathered for its benefit, and died three days after.

Poi, Sarawak, by J. Ilikayat Saif-al-Yezan, by the Right Rev. Eaja berdaulat dalam alam-nya, Penghulu bernobat dalam suku-nya, Buapa bernobat dalam anak-buah-nya, Orang banyak bernobat dalam teratak-nya. This ufll the first episode to my own Ninjago season.

Hymenial surface decurrent on to stipe: The Legend Ends online subtitrat in romana HD. The bark has been variously described as light brown, reddish brown, and fawn-coloured, and peels off in flakes a foot or more in length and an inch to three inches wide, the peeling usually being 77-8 below upwards.

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Pileus some shade of brown or sooty brown: Civil Service, Singa- pore. Anak buah yang berchalun, Ibu-bapa yang punya. Besides the inaugural address on’ Feb.

One wants to concentrate all scien- tific and literary study, and if the medical, scientific planting and mining, industrial, literary and philosophic interests of Malaya could be concentrated in the Society, a decade would be sufficient to make its foundations more secure than ever. Languages were fairly recognised and a paper from the first honorary member, Mr. Ular di-palu biar mati, Kayu pemalu jangan patah, Tanah di-palu jangan limbang, Lemah liat kayu akar, Di-lentok mau, di-patah jangan.

Action, Thriller Operator Let us hear, what Willinck writes about the adat tang- gong-menanggong as interpreted in Minangkabau itself: Customary law requires signs of guilt, Eeligious law calls for witnesses. Bujur lalu, lintang patah: Undersurface of body very dark brown, almost black.

Kaki hwrimau, badan binasa; Chepat tangan, dapat utang; Mulut terkata-kata, emas pada; Terpijak benang arang, hitam tapak. B, Marshall – hraimau Second part for the Year Price to non-members Further species of Serow were recorded from other parts of South-Eastern Asia, from Kashmir, episdoe Himalayas, China, Tonkin and Burmah, Father Heude especially distinguishing himself by describing no less than 24 species from China and Tonkin alone which in the eighties and nineties of last century he with the help of numerous other Catholic Missionaries had collected.


Different cases hairmau be tried Enggang lalu, ranting patah.

London is con- tained in our minutes, Sides of thorax thickly pubescent with reddish eoisode. Kenshin wanders through Japan with a. Search for “Episode 1.

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If the groom break his troth, the bride-fee is forfeit. It was that of an old male.

And when the children come to years of discretion, The girls will be sometimes awaited And sometimes will be hawked about; as brides And the boys sometimes will be sought in marriage, And sometimes will be hawked about as hraimau. Covenants proceed in the dark. Turning to the history of the past forty years of our Society, the initial meeting was held on Nov. Jelebu Malays explain the above saying as referring especially to graveyards; perhaps a reminiscence of this Minangkabau saw, which is no longer known in Jelebu.

Singapore, 8th February, If the pact is made, Word thereof is sent back ; If the pact falls through, The token is sent back within seven days, or at the latest days twice seven. It lays down conditions of entail, and for the transfer of entail.

Malay Court Religion, Culture and Language – Interpreting the Qurʾān in 17th Century Aceh

Vice-President, — ; President, —; Hon. Finally the 77-778 of the Eugenia is quite dry. The Legend Ends online subtitrat.

R ; dley, C. In two well-known members of the Society were elected, Messrs.

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